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Destination Guide Muscat

Daydreaming of a staycation? W Muscat is now open.

We’ll save you a spot and have a cocktail waiting for you.

When in Muscat, You Must

Know Before You Go

Check out the Siddharta Lounge by Buddha-Bar now open at W Muscat. The menu features Coastal Mediterranean cuisine for fresh and delicious bites, as well as Asian favorites, perfect for eating alone or sharing with friends.


Try a Bite

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.


/ˌɪnʃˈɑ.lə/ interjection
God willing, hopefully
This trip is going to be amazing, inshallah!

Neighborhoods to Explore

1. Mutrah

You cannot leave Muscat without exploring this area. Have a refreshing stroll along the boardwalk, then stop at the souk and fish market. If you have energy left, watch the sunset from one of the old forts.

2. Qurum

Just a few steps out of our fabulous property, Qurum is the heart of modern Muscat hosting the Opera House, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars.

3. Al Mouj

Known as The Wave, Al Mouj is a hip place to enjoy a walk by the seafront, with a big variety of restaurants and cafes to visit.

4. Wadi Shab

If you're feeling adventurous, get some wheels and head to Wadi Shab. You can have a hike, swim, and have fun at this oasis of crystal clear water surrounded by palm trees.

Ultimate Access


Kunafat Jadoo

Al Muntazah St

Kunafa (or kanafeh) is a sugar-soaked pastry that is common in a number of Arabic countries. It's a must-try and this is the place.


Pamela Garay / Insider

Order the blooming tea.


Eye Candy

Opera Galleria

Take a stroll through Eye Candy, the most unique boutique at Opera Galleria. You’ll find everything from shoes to rings to bracelets.


Pamela Garay / Insider

Make everyone jealous by personalizing your handbag.


Dukanah Cafe

Alghubra St

Coming here is like going back in time. The atmosphere is amazing and the food is even better!


Pamela Garay / Insider

Try Quroos, little crepes with date honey


Mutrah Souq

Al Bahri Rd

Take a walk thru the colorful paths of the traditional souq in the heart of Muscat. Get some goodies while talking with the locals.


Pamela Garay / Insider

Walk to the end of the street where you can try some sweet confections at a Halwa factory.

Either / Or

manis cafe


Mani's Cafe

Street 449

After a workout grab a granola bowl and fresh pressed juice.




Opera Galleria

Retox with some beats & cocktails at the hottest place in Opera Galleria House.

Packing List


1. Sunblock – Make sure to have skin protection while exploring the Arabian streets of Muscat

2. Kaftan – It’s always useful to cover your shoulders or knees while respecting the culture

3. Water Bottle – Stay hydrated while sightseeing

4. Sunglasses – Sun is always shining in Muscat, so protect those eyes