Fit Tips On The Go with Tara Stiles

Fit Tips Fit Tips On The Go with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is all about helping her students create a connection with their body. Drawing on her background in classical ballet, choreography, and yoga, Tara created a new practice called Strala. It combines the movements of yoga with tai chi, qigong, and traditional Chinese medicine as a way to help people release stress and heal. We asked Tara to offer her take on Fit Tips On The Go, and true to form, her insights are all about ease, softness, and feeling good.


Connect with Your Breath

Begin sitting


Ease your body and soften your breath


Take a big inhale and float your arms up


The palms meet and fall in place to your heart


Gentle Side Stretch

Ease your elbow to the ground


Reach up and over


Roll around however it feels nice


Find neutral and connect with your breath


Gentle Forward & Back Stretch

Crawl forward a little bit, drop your head and neck.


Find an easy sway, if that feels good


Bring yourself all the way back


Fingertips press hips and chest up