DJ Laidback Luke is a Kung Fu Mastermind

Up Close DJ Laidback Luke is a Kung Fu Mastermind

Laidback Luke is a man of action. Between sold-out DJ sets around the world and crafting new hits, the internationally-renowned Dutch producer still finds time stay healthy. Challenging his body is key to his creativity, and the ancient art of Kung Fu keeps him physically fit and mentally prepped for the future. Laidback Luke stopped by Swish & Swing at W South Beach to show off his best moves, then took a break to speak to The Angle about his one-of-a-kind lifestyle.


What your daily morning fitness routine?


LL: It varies! It could be Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Fitness or Yoga. I like varying workouts to keep challenging the body.


Your favorite workout when you’re feeling lazy?


LL: Qigong, as this combines breathing and stretching, this will activate your body and mind. Getting you out of the lazy state!


Do you have a fitness or beauty ritual that you stick to?


LL: Kung Fu is my priority. I’ve been doing that the longest and to keep up with the full system, I still need to stick a lot of time into it.


What do you never go on a trip without?


LL: Protein bars! Especially on tour when you need something late night or in between festivals, it’s good to have with me.


What are you reading right now?


LL: The last book I read was about Artificial Intelligence.


The last place you traveled and the most memorable thing you did there:


LL: Wherever I go, I’ll always try to fly my drone out for VLOG footage. I recently found out there’s a high penalty for it in Thailand!


An Insider Tip on how to stay healthy and happy:


LL: When you go for a program or a sport, make sure you realize going for it on the long term. Not for a quick fix. You’ll always bounce back to old behaviours. Good news: You only need a 45 minute workout a day to claim to be fit. 2 days on, one day off. It’s easier than you think!


What is the first album you ever owned?


LL: Thriller by Michael Jackson.


Where can we find you on a Friday night?


LL: Behind the decks, DJing at a club somewhere in the world.


If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?


LL: Currently either a Champagne or Diet Coke.


How would you describe your fashion style?




Who would the concert of your wildest dreams include?


LL: Aaliyah, Daft Punk and Michael Jackson.


Who’s your icon?


LL: I really love Justin Timberlake. As a singer, artist and grounded person.


If you could play music with one person living or dead who would it be?


LL: Bob Marley or George Michael. I’ve learned so much about songwriting listening to both.