Destination Guide


Tech meets trek in Washington’s getaway on the lake.

Destination Guide Bellevue

When In Bellevue, You Must

Know Before You Go

The Bellevue Collection

Treat yourself to a little retail therapy—The Bellevue Collection has it all. With over 200 shops, you can browse the latest trends in fashion, home and beauty.


Treat Yourself

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.

The Mountain's Out

A phrase used to describe that Mt. Rainier is visible.
What a gorgeous day! Even the Mountain's out.

Neighborhoods to Explore

1. Medina

Washington's "Gold Coast" is home to the biggest tech names in the game. Amazing views of Lake Washington and it puts you within arms reach of the hustle and bustle of Seattle. Pack a picnic and enjoy the sunset!

2. Woodinville

This little oasis outside of Bellevue have tasting rooms that rival Napa and Sonoma--there are over 100 spots to stop and sip.

3. Redmond

Best known for being the hub of technological innovation. This little techie neighborhood is more than just the stomping grounds for Microsoft and Nintendo. It is filled with lush greenery and endless bike paths that are waiting to be explored.

4. Kirkland

This waterfront town was once home to the Seattle Seahawks and Costco headquarters. It's filled with beautiful art galleries, public parks, beaches and mouthwatering restaurants.

Ultimate Access

Live it up like a Bellevue local.

Bottle & Bull

Bottle & Bull

105 Lake St. South

Cozy eatery with exceptional cocktails and a menu inspired by Ernest Hemingway's many travels.

Greer Laverty

Greer Laverty / Insider

Do yourself a favor and order the Truffle Pommes Frites. You'll be licking the bowl clean.



3720 Factoria Blvd. SE #1

Only the third of its kind, Mushashi is known for their fresh and tasty sushi that wont break the bank.

Greer Laverty

Greer Laverty / Insider

Bring your dollar bills because it is cash only!

Bake's Place

Bake's Place

155 108th Ave NE Suite 110

Enjoy dinner and a show! Bake's Place has live music five nights a week and a Northwest bounty menu that is sure to knock your socks off.

Greer Laverty

Greer Laverty / Insider

Venture out to the heated patio and let a cocktail warm you up.

Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Bellevue Botanical Gardens

12001 Main St

Embrace your green thumb at Bellevue's Community jewel. It's breathtaking landscape will leave you speechless.

Greer Laverty

Greer Laverty / Insider

Embark on the guided tour of the gardens for a more intimate experience.

Either / Or




Lincoln Square

Sweat it out as a tribe. Dance your way through forty-five minutes of cycling that will feel like the club from the night before.



Living Room Bar

W Bellevue

Party in your living room and not worry about how you're getting home. Live music and divine craft cocktails all night.

Packing List


1. Raincoat & boots

With rain 9 months out of the year…need I say more?

2. BYOB—bring your own bag

You’re bound to shop at The Bellevue Collection so come prepared with extra luggage to haul it all home.

3. Outdoor gear

Get outdoors! There are so many trail and peaks to be seen.

4. Camera

Be sure to capture the picturesque Mt. Rainier.