5 Minutes with Fashion Blogger Christine Cameron

Up Close 5 Minutes with Fashion Blogger Christine Cameron

When it comes to dressing for success, personal stylist and writer Christine Cameron has the perfect recipe for how to stay classic, creative and totally approachable. Traveling the world as a fashion blogger, this NYC-based beauty is constantly working, whether she is editing and writing her popular fashion blog My Style Pill, or joining an impressive panel of successful and stylish women for the What She Said talk at W New Orleans.

We caught up with Christine after her trip down South to learn all about her inspiring family style, her must-pack items while on the road, and just how she manages to stay ahead of the style curve.

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Photo via @MyStylePill
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Photo via @MyStylePill

Where do you think your love of style came from?


Christine Cameron: My Grandmother (on my Mother’s side). She was always very well put together and so polished looking, no matter what she was doing or where she was going. Her nails were always done and she could rock a pantsuit and a heel like no other.



What was a piece of clothing you were obsessed with when you were younger?


CC: I saved up my money when I was about 8 to buy this all white outfit that had pieces of fruit all over it. It was so 80s – it even came with a matching clear plastic belt that also had fruit on it. I have a photo of me wearing it on the first day of school!



What are three things you can’t leave the house without?


CC: Phone, phone charger and plug and sunglasses!



Describe your style in three words.


CC: Classic, polished, accessible.



If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?


CC: If I was treating myself, it would be a glass of really nice Sancerre. I also love Sauvignon Blanc and for reds, Grenache or Cab Sauv.



What’s your favorite city for fashion and why?


CC: Paris – they make it look so effortless and I love how they always wear chic sneakers with whatever they are wearing.



Do you have a beauty routine or something you do consistently?


CC: I have to have Neutrogena face wipes in the house otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve cleaned my makeup off entirely even if I have washed my face! I also have been using neck cream, eye creams and serums to try and keep my skin as hydrated and soft as possible.



Who’s your fashion icon?


CC: Audrey Hepburn



Any accessory or piece of clothing that you have been wearing non-stop lately?


CC: My Mom actually picked me up a pair of these stretchy nylon jogger pants from Costco and I have been LIVING in them. They look super luxe, fit extremely well and were maybe $15. I love it when I own items like that!