W Hotel’s Music Director Kristina Dolgova Knows How To Turn It Up

Up Close W Hotel’s Music Director Kristina Dolgova Knows How To Turn It Up

Originally from Russia and constantly on the road as part of her role as W Hotel’s Music Director, Kristina Dolgova brings a world of music to all of the W hotels around the world. From DJing events to curating the experience and sounds for W’s vibe, Kristina takes her love of soul and funk tunes and goes beyond – always looking for the next unexpected groove to bring into the W universe.

Whether it’s spinning records at W Bali – Seminyak, producing a fab set for Future Rising, curating the perfect playlist for the WET Deck or Livingroom, or honing in on talent for the upcoming Wake Up Call W Music Festival, we learn how Kristina is turning it up wherever she goes.


What is your first memory of music?


Kristina Dolgova: Making mixtapes by recording my favorite songs from radio to a cassette.



How did you get involved with W and become a music director?


KD: When I joined the DJ booking team in Zouk Club in Singapore, I got to meet and work with artists, promoters, and managers from around the world. It was during that time when I started working with the W Hotel teams in both Singapore and Bali on various bookings and events. When I was moving to Amsterdam I got word of an open position at W Amsterdam and ultimately became their first Music Curator, and later, the Music Director for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as well as globally.



What unique attributes do you bring to the job? What’s your individual taste?


KD: I like to think of myself as a dot connector. I connected people to music and music to W Hotels through my network. I understand how this business works from all sides as I previously worked in the hotel organizing parties and booking DJs. I was an agent and I perform too. I love music in general so it doesn’t matter what genre or style it is. It needs to have a nerve, an expression, a sincere feeling and meaning that musicians put in it. Good quality, sophisticated music.



How has working with W expanded your taste in music or made you 
discover new genres or bands?


KD:  I used to concentrate on just a few genres and go very underground there, but now I am very open to all genres and to all music from old to new, making sure I am not missing out on anything that could fit well at W.



What upcoming events or gigs at W are you excited about?


KD: The Wake Up Call Music Festivals are always super exciting. Keep your eyes and ears open for the line-up announcement!



How would you describe the music “vibe” at W Hotels? How does it 
change from day to night, month to month?


KD: Good vibes all day long! Some songs you know, some you go: “Wow! What’s that!?” The day vibe is more chill and playful whereas the nighttime playlists are upbeat with exciting music that gets you in the mood for no good. =)



How do you want the music playing at W Hotels to make guests 


KD: Comfortable, curious, playful and happy. Of course, I want guests to feel like they came to the right place.