Watch Niia Bring Songwriting to Life in the Sound Suite

Behind The Scenes Watch Niia Bring Songwriting to Life in the Sound Suite

Chanteuse and songwriting prodigy Niia was born to create. With a family pedigree of jazz influences and classical training, she’s now lighting a new path towards a progressive music future. We met up with Niia at the W Hollywood Sound Suite, a creative space dedicated to traveling artists, to see how her magic is made. 

Niia Bertino was born into a family of musical brilliance, with a childhood colored by opera, classic Italian film scores, and James Bond soundtracks. A Sarah Vaughan album was first to spark her love for jazz vocalists. After moving to New York to study jazz the New School, Niia met the legendary Wyclef Jean, who helped her to find a sound that would marry her roots with the world of pop music. Her foray into pop production led Niia to sunny Los Angeles. In such a lively place, she says, it can be difficult to write songs about anything else other than being happy. But on her debut album, Niia crafts lyrics that are vulnerable and honest. “My goal is to try to make something that reminds you of the past but feels present.”