W Rome: Tone Up with Pietro Boselli

Fuel W Rome: Tone Up with Pietro Boselli

This Fall, we’re opening W Rome with a power boost from a friend: Pietro Boselli, the model, engineer, fitness entrepreneur and Internet sensation known as the “hot math teacher.”


Boselli is a Roman resident and, to welcome W’s arrival, he has partnered with the hotel on a brand new, multi-purpose gymnasium and wellness center named Petra Studio.


The 197.5-square meter space features ultra-dynamic programming, extensive cardio equipment, free weights, areas for yoga and meditation, a swimming pool, personal coaching and—uniquely—outdoor training. (What could be better than exercising and sightseeing, combined?)


Below, Boselli walks us through Petra Studio (the name is an extension of his workout gear brand, Petra), as well as some of his favorite spots in Rome for detoxing, retoxing—and getting in a sweat.



Hello Pietro. First and foremost, would you share some initial information about Petra Studio at W Rome?


Pietro Boselli: Petra Studio is a really dynamic place. It is quite unique. I think the number one thing we achieved, and one of Petra Studio’s more interesting aspects, is that we’ve created a destination within the hotel. This will be available to both W Rome guests and Romans, alike. Through this endeavor, we’re aiming to create an international-meets-local community of people.


How did you go about developing Petra Studio?


Well, I am very passionate about fitness. I know that when I travel, I do not want to interrupt my fitness routine, so my choice of hotel is very much influenced by the gym facilities that are available. It’s surprisingly rare to find a hotel that meets a large number of workout requirements, including, say, boxing, yoga, functional training, and more, all under one roof or in one space. This was always the most important thing to keep in mind when developing Petra Studio.


What does it look like?


The physical area of Petra Studio is one-of-a-kind. W Rome is housed in a historic building, and we’re mostly in the basement portion. There are vaulted ceilings, and lots of little alcoves and nooks. This makes for a very private experience when you’re training. It’s surprisingly cozy for a gym! I see it as your own escape, that one or two hours of the day dedicated entirely to yourself, where you can break a sweat without distraction.


And, beyond the gym footprint, are trainers from Petra Studio offering classes or programs throughout the rest of W Rome?


Yes! The idea is to utilize not only the space of the gym, but also, other areas of W Rome. For example, early in the morning, the rooftop lends itself to activities such as yoga. Or we may even try fitness classes in the pool… before the bar opens.


You’ve also mentioned that you hope visitors at Petra Studio will explore beyond W Rome’s walls, combining fitness and wanderlust, so to speak. Where do you like to exercise, jog, or even just walk through the city?


The location of W Rome is very central. We’re next to Villa Borghese, which is the most beautiful, biggest park in Rome. It has some wide open areas, and even small lakes around which you can work out or just lounge. You can even bring portable equipment and do your own yoga class, for example. Lots of parks in Rome also have outdoor gyms, with pull up bars and other equipment. The intention is to utilize the area around W Rome as much as we can.


I recommend a run up the Spanish Steps in the early morning, too. They are just five minutes away from the hotel. Think: interval sprints up the steps, a bit like Rocky in Philadelphia, only a few thousand miles to the east!


I also love Bioparco di Roma, which is the zoological garden. I find this is a nice location to workout and, also, for those of us who post our exercise content on social media, this location photographs really well!


Also, cycling along the Tiber is always recommended, as is a stop by Stadio dei Marmi. You just end up seeing so much, surrounded by history, while still burning calories.


Where do you like to go in Rome when your daily fitness routine is complete? Where do you retox?


I personally believe that fitness and wellness are about a balanced lifestyle. It’s about being able to enjoy a meal with your friends, or a few drinks, afterwards. The reason we stay fit is to be able to do that, to maintain good health but to also indulge here and there.


I recommend a few select spots, outside of W Rome, of course: Magick Bar (with beautiful river views), Bar Ciampini Piazza San Lorenzo for a posh martini, Zuma at Palazzo Fendi, and Cosmic. But really, it is hard to go wrong, as the food and drink in Rome are consistently amazing.