W Insider Hub Style Guide: Austin

Travel Essentials W Insider Hub Style Guide: Austin

With meetings during the day and activities planned at night, your suitcase will be overflowing. Don’t know what to pack? Don’t worry, we put together a style guide for some inspiration to narrow down and make sure you arrive with your favorite looks.

FUEL Workout

Early morning workouts are essential so bring your favorite activewear, tees, and sneakers.

For Her:


1. Leggings with support top

2. Sunglasses

3. Water bottle

4. Running shoes

For Him:


1. All-terrain shoes

2. Active shorts

3. Fitted tank

4. Shades

5. Water bottle

Meeting Look

No suits please! Have fun with it and mix and match. Light jeans and fun blazers are welcomed!

For Her:


1. Light washed jeans

2. Blouse

3. Large handbag

4. Blazer

5. Dressy flats or heels

For Him:


1. Striped shirt

2. Denim jacket

3. Ray-Ban sunglasses

4. White sneaks

5. Light washed jeans

Night Out

Ready to giddy up? The vibe in Austin is capital-T Texas!

For Her:


1. Cowboy boots or any closed toe shoe

2. Flannel tee

3. Jeans

4. Fringe jacket

5. Cowboy Hat

For Him:


1. Light wash denim top

2. Light wash denim jean

3. Cowboy hat

4. Boots or sneakers