W Costa Rica Design is Bold by Nature

Design In Focus W Costa Rica Design is Bold by Nature

Nestled in the Reserva Conchal, a 2300-acre nature reserve, W Costa Rica offers sparkles of the rainforest and stunning beach vibes. Costa Rican blends surf culture alongside eco-tourism focused on its incredible biodiversity, making it one of the happiest countries on earth. W Costa Rica is a place where surfboards, monkeys, and pineapples color an unforgettable paradise. Glimpsing at the design elements of the property, you can see how the hotel celebrates Costa Rican culture while fitting seamlessly with the idyllic landscape.

W Costa Rica lives between the Reserva Conchal nature reserve and immaculate surf spots

A Tree-Lined Oasis

A live green fence made up of 2,000 Bursera simaruba trees, or “Indios Desnudos,” welcomes guests to the heart of W Costa Rica. Exploring the property, guests feel at one with nature. The Living Room lounge and Cocinade Mercado restaurant are immersed in a Guanacaste tree forest reflecting the 2300 acre nature reserve that surrounds W Costa Rica.

Nothing beats golden hour
Find your breath
Jumpstart your day at Plaza de Toros

A Splash of Color

A tall red wall, inspired in the typical “Plaza de Toros” across the country honors Costa Rican bullfighting, one of the nation’s most emblematic cultural activities. It’s a tradition in Costa Rica for most villages to host at least one bull fight each year. Bullfighting in Costa Rica is rodeo-style, without the lethality of the tradition in Spain. Guests at W Costa Rica won’t have to look over their shoulder for a charging animal here, making Plaza de Toros is a great spot to make your Instagram pop!

Arial view of Plaza de Toros
Fit to fight a bull
The Living Room overlooks the WET Deck's infinity pool

Pineapple Paradise

The Living Room lounge and Cocina de Mercado restaurant are immersed in a Guanacaste tree forest which sets a tropical mood. With indoor and outdoor spaces, Cocina de Mercado’s open-market concept includes a large show kitchen, a pizza counter, and a griddle station. Meanwhile, The Living Room bar showcases a stunning 9300-bottle chandelier, with 4 color mandala design, as a tribute to Cervecería de Costa Rica.

Matcha, anyone?
The pineapple, iconic to Costa Rica, is reflected in the Living Room design
9,300-bottle chandelier above The Living Room

Surf’s Up

Guanacaste is well known for being one of the best surf destinations on earth. W Costa Rica’s 150 guest rooms feature local designed and shaped mini surfboards as mixbar tables.

Hang Ten!
Jump into the infinity pool on the WET Deck

Carreta Típical Wheel

The WET Deck at W Costa Rica features a glimmering infinity pool overlooking Brasilito Bay on the Pacific Ocean. The crystal blue water offers a peaceful reprieve from the surf-ready waves beyond the beach. Find your balance for paddleboard yoga, or grab a cold drink and kick back.

Relax after a long day of adventures
Paddle board yoga on the WET Deck
Cocoon treatment room at the AWAY Spa
Butterfly garden


Costa Rica is home to more than 1500 butterfly species, which represents around 18 percent of species from around the world. W Costa Rica’s unique AWAY Spa is inspired in the butterfly transformation, showcasing the cocoons as the wall structures of each treatment room.

W Costa Rica is calling you