Vieques: On the Ground

Insider Tour Vieques: On the Ground

Take the escape of a lifetime to the majestic island of Vieques, right off the coast of Puerto Rico. With half the island reserved as a sanctuary, serenity thrives with hundreds of opportunities for adventure–from snorkeling to horseback riding to trips to the local market. Let W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Insider Hiram Cabral give you an exclusive tour of the best things to experience across the island.


Bioluminescent Bay


The “Bahia Fosforescente” (Bioluminescent Bay) at Puerto Mosquito should be listed as the eighth natural wonder of the world. Small plankton in the bay come to life at night, glowing in the water as a boat or fish moves by, creating a truly magical experience.



Punta Arenas


This beach is part of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge and offers very scenic views of the main island of Puerto Rico and El Yunque National Rainforest. Look closely, you might see some of the island’s wild horses running through on your way to the beach.


Scuba Diving


The Caribbean provides excellent dive conditions year-round, so W has established both surf and boat dives on either side of the island to utilize the most ideal location at a moment’s notice.



Horseback Riding


Vieques is a true paradise with Paso Fino horses roaming free the island and one of the best ways to see Vieques is on a curated horseback tour.




Experience modern Puerto Rican cuisine at Sorcé, where Executive Chef Javier Melendez works with local farmers to create dishes made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Signature dishes include local arugula with spicy chorizo, churrasco with chimichurri and yukon potatoes gratin.