Up Close with Producer Benji B. on creating his new Future Rising Track

Up Close Up Close with Producer Benji B. on creating his new Future Rising Track

For London-based producer Benji B., music doesn’t happen in a bubble – it’s a living, breathing thing. From playing an array of instruments as a child, to producing a track on Kanye West’s Life of Pablo album and hosting a weekly radio spot on BBC’s Radio 1, Benji lets inspiration of any kind fuel his work. And creating a new track with rapper Bohan Phoenix as part of W Shanghai’s Future Rising festival was no different – except that they wrote, recorded, and mixed the entire track from right inside the W suite.

Watch as we go behind the scenes at W Shanghai where these two talents put their sounds and skills together, creating a killer track to premiere at Future Rising.

Read how Benji B started turning a love for making beats into releasing club-ready hits.

Benji B getting ready for W Shanghai's Future Rising event

How did you start making music?


Benji B: I started playing instruments at the age of 7 and then different musical pursuits have taken over at different times since then.



How would you describe your individual sound?


BB: It is hopefully true to whatever I’m feeling at that time.



Who are your main inspirations?


BB: Anyone who makes music without worrying if it fits a box.

Mid production with Bohan in the W suite.

Which city is your favorite to DJ in?


BB: London.



How does your home city of London influence your work?


BB: In every single way – musically speaking, it made me who I am today.



What is your biggest late-night indulgence?


BB: Tea and toast.



What are three things you can’t travel without?


BB: Passport, headphones, hoodie.

The Bund is always inspiring.
Bohan and Benji on stage at Future Rising performing their hit!

If you could work with anyone, who would it be?


BB: Quincy Jones



What is the most unique element to the city of Shanghai not found in other cities?


BB: Every city is its own unique thumbprint, but Shanghai has an intense energy not comparable to many other places I have been.