Celebrate the Holidays in Street Style

In The Studio Celebrate the Holidays in Street Style

This new year, ditch those boring resolutions we all break by February anyway, and take a hint from graffiti icon John “Crash” Matos who paired up with W Hotels to introduce an alternative vow for 2017: New Year, No Rules! We worked with Crash to create a custom holiday tree like no other, embodying that devil-may care attitude with Crash’s signature graffiti style, declaring our resolution in bright colors inspired by the holiday. Explore Crash’s vibrant street art style with an attitude to match and hear all about his childhood memories of the season, how painting subway cars as a teen turned into an art career, and how to always live life beyond the rules.


“The holidays have always held a special place in my heart. As far back as I can remember, the first thing that comes to my mind are the colors, the smells and the warmth of the holidays. Growing up in the projects of the South Bronx, the only thing that you could count on was the eerie quiet on Christmas Eve. No one in the streets, everyone chilling out and awaiting the following morning’s surprise.”


“My parents were huge with the purity of Christmas. They loved all the ornaments, the décor and especially the colorful lights. Those big, huge colorful lights, reflecting against the glass, and the shiny ornaments, the smell of my mom cooking traditional Christmas Eve dinner and her pancakes Christmas morning…oh man!”


“Those moments are what I tried to capture in the painting. Taking the color palette that was given to me I brought in complimentary colors to give the coloring some texture and edges. I tried to recreate those happy times in my life – magnifying the spray dots and getting them to weave together to create the light and feel of those times. It was a challenge, but I think I hit it on the head.”


– Crash


But the art didn’t stop there! Crash celebrated the holiday spirit in the Miami heat, painting tropically inspired mural at W South Beach during Art Basel Miami Beach, an art fueled weekend completed with parties, stars and more excuses to start the new year with no rules.


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