How Three Artists Captured The Essence of Bipolar Sunshine on Film

Behind The Scenes How Three Artists Captured The Essence of Bipolar Sunshine on Film

One musician. Three songs. Endless possibilities. As part of the Future Rising creative platform that brought artists of all kinds together to collaborate on unexpected and immersive projects around the world, London’s rising star singer Bipolar Sunshine wanted a fresh take on his newest singles. What he got was three visually thrilling music videos, each one directed and produced by a young woman of the film industry with a unique vision inspired by Future Rising’s theme – Wonderland.

Bipolar Sunshine posing after the showing of his music videos at W London - Leicester Square

Premiering at W Amsterdam and showing at W London, these creative minds brought Bipolar Sunshine’s tracks to life in unexpected ways while also inspiring the arts and culture of the future. Go behind the scenes of each intimate music video shoot and hear how directors Mollie MillsRaine Allen-Miller, and Matilda Finn were inspired to bring Bipolar Sunshine’s musical “Wonderland” to the screen in their own bold way.

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Bipolar performing a hit at W Amsterdam during Future Rising!

“Pressure” – Directed by Mollie Mills

“The grid of a city feels like a film set, it’s bizarre.”

Mollie Mills: “At the time of creating the video I had just moved to Los Angeles and, as a Brit, was feeling pretty displaced. It’s kind of a culture shock, and there are some cultural differences to get used to. The grid of a city feels like a film set, it’s bizarre. Sometimes it feels like you are driving and you are just going to the same place, again and again, strip mall after strip mall. We wanted to capture that feeling suburbia, of going nowhere in the music video for “Pressure.” We found an old gas station in the desert and it brought it all together, the feeling of going in circles in suburban LA, our displacement, and the song.”

“Pedestal” – Directed by Raine Allen-Miller

“The video is about sisterhood, love, and being a weirdo.”

Raine Allen-Miller: “When I was a kid I was a bit of weirdo. I think that moment when you finally meet someone and finally feel appreciated and “understood” is really wonderful. The video is about sisterhood, love, and being a weirdo. Dancing with friends is one of the most incredible things and I wanted to show that. The little girls were so incredible and they really do love each other, and it comes across in the film.”

“Easy to Do” – Directed by Matilda Finn

“The music is my biggest inspiration.”

Matilda Finn: “I have a very audio-visual relationship with music. When I first heard the song I saw the video in my head instantaneously. I always compare my work to dream sequences in the way that I see the images and then find meaning in them afterward. The music is my biggest inspiration. The dark frequency made me see the color palette of the brooding blue in the nighttime.


Fashion is a really important part of my history too. It was the start of my love of images, so seeing messages through clothing is natural to me. This woman appears ferociously strong, but it’s all bullshit. The outfit is a chastity device. She’s constrained. It’s symbolic because she has the key to her own power but doesn’t use it.”