Secrets from the Sound Suite with St. Vincent

Sound Suite Secrets from the Sound Suite with St. Vincent

Alone but not lonely. Lost but not looking to be found. It is those moments of exploring a new city by ourselves that allow space for pure inspiration, bringing forth what boundary-pushing vocalist St. Vincent likes to call: “constructive melancholy.”

On the heels of her most recent album Masseducation, the Grammy award-winning musician may not have too much time for quiet, however, St. Vincent soaks up introspection by walking the streets of the city she’s visiting. Here in Seattle, while recording with Billboard at W Seattle’s new in-house recording studio, the Sound Suite, St. Vincent allowed the spirits of indie music’s past to take over. “Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mud Honey…it’s so imprinted in my musical DNA. Coming to Seattle to work was like coming to the place where the heroes forged this world.”

Having collaborated with an elite pedigree of performers, from Sufjan Stevens to Jenny Lewis to David Byrne, St. Vincent’s music is never predictable and always exhilarating – much like the feeling of finding yourself in a newly explored city. Watch St. Vincent explore the intimate spaces of Seattle, from coffee shops to record shops to the creative hub of the Sound Suite, and stay tuned for more one-on-one time with the multi-dimensional performer and traveler.