Secrets of San Francisco with Emily Holt

Insider Guide Secrets of San Francisco with Emily Holt

From working as fashion news editor at Vogue, to curating items for and opening her brand new San Francisco boutique, Emily Holt is no one trick pony. After ten years of working in New York City’s fashion industry, the California native has returned to the west with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit and innovative eye for all things cool to open Hero Shop. The highly curated homeware, clothing, and lifestyle store just opened in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district and brings Emily’s fresh aesthetic to the city by the bay.


Following a killer discussion about women in business for the What She Said podcast series at W San Francisco, Emily opened up about her new store, her favorite spots in the city, and the objects from Hero Shop that best represent San Fran culture.


Art museums, nature hikes and graffiti alleys– the foggy city is filled with secret spots to explore. Emily tells us about her five favorite places to go in San Francisco when she needs ultimate inspiration.

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Photo by @LegionofHonor

Legion of Honor

100 34th Ave, San Francisco


“I love this museum for the view, especially in the fog–it’s super dramatic and mysterious and romantic. And for the art, of course, and the architecture. I think it’s one of the city’s most beautiful, beautiful institutions.”

Photo of General Store by @GeneralStore

Outer Sunset


“This neighborhood used to be a secret spot, but it’s not so secret anymore. I find that a lot of people who visit San Francisco don’t actually take the time to go out to the beach (or don’t know to go out to the beach). But it’s not that far away, and there’s so much happening out there that feels specific to San Francisco and a certain culture right now, with Outerland and General Store and Andytown. I watch Warriors games at Celia’s. I just love it out there.”

Photo by @SFMOMA


151 3rd St, SoMa


“It’s now one of the leading art institutions in the country, if not the world. The Fisher Collection is mind-boggling and fantastic and extraordinarily impressive. I particularly like Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella. And you should go to see the architecture of the building as well.”

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Photo by @heart_spade_diamond_club

Clarion Alley

Between Mission & Valencia and 17th & 18th


“The murals are spectacular. I like when some of them are political, I think that’s interesting and important. It’s great artwork–it’s free artwork. I think it gives a very strong sense of place and that neighborhood.”

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Photo by @colienels

The Presidio Coastal Trail 


“From the Cliff House near the Sutro Baths to Golden Gate Bridge I’m astonished that more people don’t hike in the Presidio or that I don’t see more people hiking in the Presidio. I think it’s incredible that there’s a national park sitting right in the middle of a city. There’s amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s wildlife, which is really exciting to me, and I love the eucalyptus trees.”


Hero Shop isn’t just a cool store, it’s a genuine representation of the surroundings. Carrying many locally-made products and objects influenced by SF culture, Emily has curated her store to reflect the growing neighborhood around her. Emily tells us her four favorite, most San Francisco, items that she will sell in Hero Shop this summer.


Solitaire Cards from Areaware


“We’ll carry some playing cards that are modeled after the way that Solitaire use to look on the old Mac computers, very pixelated and retro. I think they speak to the nerdiness of this city that I love.”


Scarves from Stevie Howell


“A sweater is the quintessential San Francisco piece of clothing but these scarves by local designer Stevie Howell are beautiful and versatile.”


Pottery from MMClay


“These dishes by local ceramist MMClay are so California. Just natural and beautiful looking.”


Jewelry from Of Rare Origin 


“We will have a bunch of exciting and playful jewelry, like these earrings that really make a statement. Just like San Francisco.”