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Explore the streets of South America's cultural capital.

Destination Guide Santiago

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When In Santiago, You Must

Know Before You Go

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Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the city.


ca /rr/ eté noun
Any fun activity involving the combination of at least three of the following ingredients: food, alcohol, music, fun people, and friends.
Let's plan a carrete this weekend

Neighborhoods to Explore

The cosmopolitan city of Santiago combines both modern and historic neighborhoods where you can enjoy the charm or live it up the party!

1. Lastarria

Every corner has a story on this alternative area plenty of tasty restaurants and original stores. There you'll never be bored! Is a must to check the cultural center GAM, named after the famous chilean poet Gabriela Mistral.

2. Barrio el Golf

The financial district of the city has en electric atmosphere that combines modern glass buildings and plenty of green areas. Here you can find the main restaurant spots of Santiago.

3. Barrio Italia

The classic neighborhood of Santiago is a true design destination. Find exclusive boutiques, alternative house decor, handicrafts, antiques, and much more.

4. Bellavista

This diverse and outspoken neighborhood on the hill is where numerous artists and writers have found refuge and inspiration. With both nightlife and daytime activities, the area has everything that makes Santiago special. And don't miss the city Zoo.

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Ultimate Access to Santiago

Live it up like a local.

CV Galeria

CV Galeria

Alonso de Córdova, 4355

This trendy complex gathers together 5 restaurants, an art gallery, and plenty of stores.


Fabiola Villalobos / Insider

This is the place to see and be seen in Santiago.

NoaNoa Club

NoaNoa Club

Merced, 142

Steal the scene at this electronic music club that has the best sound system of the city. Hit the party from Wednesday to Saturday night!


Fabiola Villalobos / Insider

Try their Rosa Picante drink made with pomelo rosado, bitter araucano, pinot noir rosé, merkén, pimienta rosa, and gin.

MO Store

MO Store

Merced, 350

Time to go shopping! MO stands for the name of the designer Magdalena Olazábal that since 1997 are embroidering her collections with urban appeal and attitude and is willing to take risks when it comes to her color proposals.


Fabiola Villalobos / Insider

The concept is to have a Latin American stamp in its core, flirting with classic pieces such as the poncho, echoing a peculiar relaxed fit, comfort is imperative and so is good tailoring.


santiago workout classes



Presidente Riesco 3314 – Las Condes

A unique facility that combined boxing, military training, martial arts, and yoga all under one roof. Find the union of body and mind.

santiago bars


Bar Candelaria

Candelaria Goyenechea 3820 local 201

Candelaria seeks to generate a pleasant and comfortable experience for their guests, enhancing an intimate and familiar atmosphere with good live music and killer DJs.

Santiago Essentials

what to wear in santiago

1. Hat

Protect yourself from the elements with this packable straw fedora.

2. Jacket

The southern winds change quickly, so bundle up in a fitted camel jacket.

3. Sneakers

Santiago is a walking city. These kicks are fashionable and functional.

4. Lip Balm

The air is dry here, so be sure to keep your skin and lips hydrated.

Spotted in Santiago

santiago cocktail bars

Red Luxury Bar

Patio Bellavista

Enjoy a good cocktail with a selection of cigars.This bar specializes in handmade drinks with more than 280 labels of premium liquors—a great start for a night of adventure.

santiago asian fusion


Constitución 172

Etniko one of the most popular restaurants and clubs, with flavors from the East and playing music from around the world. Make dinner an all-night affair.

santiago cafes

Cafe de la Candela

Av. Italia 1449

Located in a quaint Italian neighborhood, this cafe is the perfect place to enjoy weekend brunch, a relaxed tea time, or a romantic summer sunset.

santiago retail

Julieta Bauer Shop

Luis Pasteur 6650

A one-stop-shop for the accessories lover. This boutique is all about unique style, with a great collection of dresses, jewelry, and shoes to fit any occasion.