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San Francisco

Where West Coast vibe collides with the electric energy of the city.

Destination Guide San Francisco

When In San Francisco, You Must

Know Before You Go

Yes, we are in California, but San Francisco is known for its cold summers, fog, and windy weather year-round. The key to surviving Karl the Fog is layer, layer, layer.

San Francisco style

Bundle Up!

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the city.


/ˈhelə/ adverb
Bay Area substitute for ‘extremely or ‘a lot of.’
It’s hella nice outside today. Let’s go hang out at Dolores Park.

Neighborhoods to Explore

When in San Francisco, do as San Franciscans do. Mingle with the locals, sip on Fernet and chill out at Dolores Park.

1. The Mission

Murals, hipsters, taquerias and expensive coffee—take your pick. The Mission District is one of San Francisco’s many melting pots, where you can shop at a high end boutique and cross the street to eat at an authentic taco stand.

2. Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley is not only one of the best districts to shop in San Francisco, but it also fosters a true neighborhood feel. Start at Hayes Street and Octavia Boulevard, grab a coffee at Ritual or ice cream at Smitten, and then explore the many boutiques of the neighborhood.

3. The Sunset

Though it's at the other end of the city, the Sunset District has so many hidden gems to explore. This is the place to go for authentic Asian cuisine or to catch a glimpse at the urban beach community in San Francisco. If you’re a real trooper, head to Sutro Bath and Land’s End for impressive views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Ultimate Access to San Francisco

Live it up San Francisco like a local.

san francisco restaurants

Louie’s Gen Gen Room

871 Sutter Street

Intimate reservation-only cocktail lounge featuring tropical cocktails and delicious bites.


Sara Hamza / Insider

Louie’s Gen Gen Room is in the basement of acclaimed restaurant Liholiho Yacht Club. If you missed your chance at a reservation at Liholiho, Louie’s is a great alternative and a unique experience in itself.

san francisco cocktails


600 Polk Street

Gin lovers, you’re in luck! Whitechapel hosts the largest selection of Gin in North America.


Sara Hamza / Insider

This bar is designed to look like one of the many abandoned stations of the London Underground.

san francisco restaurants


564 4th Street

Meat, meat and more meat. Top Chef Masters Champion Chris Cosentino makes a bold statement with his “head to tail” style of cooking. The best view at the restaurant is at the chef’s counter, where you can catch all of the kitchen action.


Sara Hamza / Insider

Fernet has been a cult favorite in the Bay Area, with Fernet Branca monopolizing the taste buds of San Franciscans. Expand your horizons and try the many varieties of Fernet and Amaro that Cockscomb has to offer.

Black Cat

Black Cat

400 Eddy Street

Restaurant, bar and live jazz every night located in the heart of the Tenderloin district.


Sara Hamza / Insider

Though the Tenderloin neighborhood has evolved over the years, it was once the epicenter of arts and entertainment in San Francisco. Black Cat is designed to revive the legacy of supper clubs and jazz venues that once thrived in the area.


san francisco yoga studios


Yoga to the People

2973 16th Street

Detox with the locals at Yoga to the People, a unique studio with the goal of recapturing the essence of yoga made available to everyone.



Love and Propaganda

85 Campton Place

Love and Propaganda combines music, fashion and art to form a unique audio-visual experience unlike any other nightclub.

Spotted in San Francisco


W San Francisco

Raise your glass to a New Year with 5 exclusive holiday cocktail recipes from our W bartenders around the world.

san francisco shoe boutique

Freda Salvador

2416 Fillmore St

Get a taste of Spain in the heart of SF with handcrafted leather shoes at Freda Salvador.

Rocha Art Gallery

Rocha Art Gallery

466 Brannan St

Always supporting emerging artists and creating community based program, Rocha Art stands out as a place to see and experience artwork in a truly inviting gallery setting.

san francisco cocktails


1760 Polk St

Take a swig of cocktail culture at its best at 1760, where mixing drinks is an art form. Try the house gin and tonic with mint, cumin, and mezcal for a new twist on a classic.

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