Sachin & Babi Bring Goa to Life

In The Studio Sachin & Babi Bring Goa to Life

Partners in business and life, the effervescent fashion design duo Sachin and Babi have been collaborating for over 20 years: both as husband and wife and as co-designers of the luxury evening wear brand Sachin & Babi. The two connected as students at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology over their shared Indian roots (Sachin is from Delhi while Babi grew up in Mumbai) and still use intricate detailing and unique fabrics from India in their designs.


Now the designers have paired up with the CFDA and the recently-opened W Goa for a new collaboration, creating a capsule collection of vibrant beachwear inspired by the coastal Indian destination where the designers both vacationed as children. Using a palette of India’s technicolor spice market, embellishments referencing the holy cow (Gau Mata), and cuts mirroring the city’s colonial architecture, the Sachin & Babi capsule collection showcases the unwavering spirit of Goa.


“A Goa state of mind is sand in your toes, a sense of freedom, and true bohemian flair.”

Like any piece of art, the intimate process of creating this collection was just as important as the final, stunning designs. Luckily we were there to capture the action inside the studio as the dynamic duo worked together. From building mood boards and sketching ideas to choosing fabrics and fitting their final garment on a model, watch Sachin and Babi’s journey to create a collection that truly embodies a Goa state of mind.

Take home a piece of Goa with Sachin & Babi’s exclusive W collaboration, available online and at W Goa.