Party It Up In Style at Wake Up Call – W Barcelona

Travel Essentials Party It Up In Style at Wake Up Call – W Barcelona

Welcome to the party capital of the world. Whether you are lounging at the WET deck, exploring the shimmering sands on the beach, or turning it up to your favorite DJs during the unmatchable lineup at WAKE UP CALL music festival, Barcelona has it all.

Thanks to Melissa Espinoza, Director of Style at the premier luxury online fashion retailer FWRD, we have the best looks for taking on W Barcelona’s WAKE UP CALL music festival in style, no matter how you party.

For Her

On the WET deck


1. Match the stunning Barcelona backdrop with a chic swim top.

2. Look the part in some killer shades.

3. Protect your skin in style with a woven hat.

4. Don’t forget that sunscreen!

5. Bring the beach with you with some vibrant beaded earrings.

6. Tie-dye shorts that match the day party vibe perfectly.

7. Slip-on sandals that are perfect for transitioning from pool to beach.

Fuel your workout


1. Sweat it out in a sports bra that’s as bold as the beach you’re running on.

2. Fuel that fire with a water bottle as cute as your outfit.

3. White Nikes look great with any workout.

4. These leggings can double as a cute and comfy outfit when exploring the city.

Explore the city


1. Simple. Classic. Beautiful. These earrings bring it all together.

2. Show off that Spain swagger with some 70’s style sunglasses.

3. Barcelona is all about color and flair. Show yours with this patterned top.

4. A crisp white denim always screams “vacation outfit!”

5. This striped tote bag is crucial for picking up souvenirs in style.

6. These sandal slides bring the look together and make walking a breeze.

Party at Wake Up Call


1. Take on that unbeatable party scene with an unmatchable mini dress.

2. Bring it all together with a statement necklace.

3. Party all night with that mini bag to match.

4. Nothing like dancing like a metallic cowboy boot.

For Him

On the WET Deck


1. Hello, Barcelona sunset! This graphic top is a perfect match.

2. Take the day with you with this waterproof bag.

3. Comfort and style all in one sandal.

4. Understated sunglasses are a Spanish delicacy.

5. These tie-dyed swim shorts make a statement at any pool.

6. Don’t forget that sunscreen.

Fuel your workout


1. Plain white tee, yes please.

2. Love this 70’s workout vibe jacket!

3. Never leave home without a water bottle.

4. Protect while you flex with this wear-anywhere Y-3 hat.

5. These workout pants are lightweight enough for working out… or chilling out.

6. These colorful sneakers to match the city perfectly.

Explore the City


1. The striped tee never goes out of style.

2. A Denim Jacket goes with any city adventure.

3. Bring the look together with these Ray-Ban sunglasses.

4. Common Project sneakers are made for city walking.

5. These chinos are the perfect transition between daytime exploring and nighttime partying.

Party At Wake Up Call


1. Take on the night with a statement tee.

2. The black denim pants that go with everything.

3. Match with your sneakers for the ultimate Barcelona club look.

4. Don’t worry about dancing too hard, your bum bag has you covered.