Party It Up In Style at Wake Up Call – W Bali

Travel Essentials Party It Up In Style at Wake Up Call – W Bali

Imagine: You. The beach. A decadent sunset. And an oceanside party that goes all night long with tunes from your favorite bands and DJs. This dream is a reality at W Bali‘s WAKE UP CALL music festival. Wondering what to wear to party in Bali bliss? Have no fear, Melissa Espinoza, Director of Style for the premier luxury online fashion retailer FWRD, is here to supply the best looks for taking on all the adventure at WAKE UP CALL, from lounging by the pool and palms to exploring the city, to dancing all night at the paradise party of your dreams.

For Her

On the WET deck


1. Lounge under the palm trees and blend in with this palm-inspired bikini.

2. Beach or poolside, this woven hat is essential.

3. These earrings will spice up any look.

4. Don’t hit the beach without easy spray sunscreen to keep you golden.

5. This bamboo clutch is made for the Bali scenery.

6. Cover up with a flowy skirt.

7. Take on the WET deck in these simple yet chic slip-on sandals.

Fuel your workout


1. Fuel your paradise workout with the ultimate island inspired a top and legging pair.

2. Sweat it out in confidence with a paraben-free deodorant.

3. This gem infused water bottle takes hydration to new heights.

4. Slide on these comfy sandals on your way to the pool or before you take that long, barefoot jog on the beach.

Explore the city


1. Ready for any adventure with a vibrant swimsuit that doubles as a top.

2. A woven bag brings big style points.

3. Bring the cool city vibe to paradise with cat-eye sunglasses.

4. Opt for patterned pants that flow.

5. Keep the beach glow going with soothing after sun spray.

6. Sandals that keep you wanting to explore.

7. These earrings bring real flower power to any outfit.

Party at Wake Up Call


1. Dance the night away in the island breeze rustling this beautiful printed tassel dress.

2. Midnight dip, anyone? This swim top and bottom make you ready for anything.

3. This woven bag is lightweight and totally adorable.

4. A strappy heeled shoe is the perfect way to party in style and comfort.

5. Bring out the ocean with these mini aqua hoop earrings.

For Him

On the WET Deck


1. Take on the Bali sunshine with some stunner shades.

2. If these shorts don’t say “I’m on vacation,” we don’t know what does.

3. Pink slide sandals – yes, please!

4. Supergoop sunscreen. All day. Every day.

5. A striped top brings class to any getup.

6. And to any bag, too.

7. New goal: match your fan to your outfit for the ultimate cool factor.

Fuel your workout


1. A sleeveless tank is the only way to go when you’re sweating it out in the Bali heat.

2. A simple short goes a long way.

3. Sandals for your trek to the gym, pool, beach, or jungle workout.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. This herbal deodorant has you covered.

Explore the City


1. A fresh tee for any adventure.

2. These drawstring shorts are versatile enough for a day hike or city expedition.

3. A colorful backpack is a man’s best friend.

4. Classic. Comfortable. Ready for anything. These slip-on Vans are a perfect fit for jet-setters.

5. Scout out your next inspirational sunset in these Komo sunglasses.

Party at Wake Up Call


1. Light up the dance floor with this lightning short sleeve top.

2. White denim dresses up any look while keeping the island fun.

3. Keep up with the Bali vibe with some woven leather shoes.

4. These thin-rimmed glasses give a party outfit that look-at-me extra flair.