Party It Up and Sweat in Style at FUEL Weekend: Muscat

Travel Essentials Party It Up and Sweat in Style at FUEL Weekend: Muscat

With workouts, dinners and pool parties scheduled all weekend long, your suitcase for W Muscat’s FUEL Weekend will be overflowing. Don’t know what to pack? Don’t worry, we put together some inspiration to narrow down and make sure you arrive with your favorite looks in tow.

FUEL Your Workout

For Her:


1. Show up and show off with metallic tights and bold blue top.

2. Accessorize with a stylish pastel yoga mat.

3. Smart bottles are a big thing at the moment, and this one comes with a filter installed.

4. Grab a fab pair of shoes — great for all kinds activities.

For Him:


1. A sleeveless top is the only way to go when you’re sweating it out in the Muscat heat.

2. The shorter the shorts the better when working out. This pair is perfect for the weekend.

3. You don’t have to pause your fave tunes when working out with Jebra Active.

4. Sandals for your trek to the gym, pool, beach or for a casual walk in the city.

On the Wet Deck

For Her:


1. The WET Deck is the place to be seen, and this bikini will help.

2. This pretty beach dress is the perfect drape as a coverup.

3. Try this colorful head band from a local designer.

4. Don’t hit the beach without a strong sunscreen.

5. A cute beach bag for your essentials.

6. Rock up with slides for walks on the beach and around the pool.


1. Who said that the party is over? Here is what to wear into the evening.

2. Don’t forget to accessorize your look with a matching bag.

3. For the love of pink, let’s continue with these super comfy pumps.

4. What can be better than a pair of lemon earrings?

5. Just for fun, tag on this stylish bracelet.

For Him:


1. Channel holiday vibes with themed shorts.

2. Stand out with these shades.

3. Who doesn’t love some Frisbee time by the beach?

4. There are no slides comfier than this pair.

5. Can a t-shirt be any cooler than Beavis & Butthead by Adidas?

Dinner & After Hours

For Her:


1. Don a light jacket when heading out for the evening.

2. Easy and quick slip-ons are always a good idea.

3. Keep cool with a denim skirt and a simple t-shirt.

4. Add a trendy bag for all your shopping.

5. And last but not least: glasses.

For Him:


1. Mustard is so in at the moment. Grab attention with this polo shirt.

2. A pair of good ol’ shorts — perfect for any occasion.

3. A pop of color on sneakers is what you need for summer.

4. Add a little fun with these sunglasses.

5. Strap on this belt for an extra pop.

Nightlife Friendly

For Her:


1. Simple. Classic. Beautiful. These earrings bring it all together.

2. Show off that swagger with some 70’s style sunglasses.

3. Muscat is all about color and flair. Show yours with this patterned top.

4. A crisp white denim always screams “vacation outfit!”

5. This striped tote bag is crucial for picking up souvenirs in style.

6. These sandal slides bring the look together and make walking a breeze.

For Him:


1. Everyone loves a pair of good jeans on an evening adventure.

2. Keep it light with this Nike tee.

3. Dancing Shoes look cool too.

4. To add a little dramatic look, try this jacket.

5. Belt yourself up for a night out. The brighter the better!