On The Road with Kaskade

Up Close On The Road with Kaskade

A world renowned DJ who’s produced chart topping hits for over 10 years, Kaskade has toured the world over. But even with his fame, the artist finds time to goof off and connect with friends while on the road – passing the time with games, music, and the occasional prank.

We caught up with the Grammy nominated, deadmau5 collaborator while visiting W London – Leicester Square. During a rare moment off stage, watch Kaskade slay at the iPhone guessing game, Heads Up, against his crew and hear his tips for maintaining a routine while on the road and having fun no matter what time zone you may be in.



Do you have any habits or rituals that you do when you are on tour?


Kaskade: I’m a man who loves a good routine, but the cruel irony is I’ve built my life in a way that doesn’t accommodate any type of routine. I don’t even have a time zone that I stick to. So, I take a huge amount of comfort in small victories that hint at routine. I have traveled the world a few times over and have found my favorite small spots in each city. They’re like little anchors that make me feel grounded no matter where I am in the world. I like to find a favorite restaurant and stick to it. I find a store or a hotel or a city landmark and try to visit it every time. Instead of me feeling like I’m missing my home, I have a little bit of home in every stop on the globe.



What is one thing you do when you are bored on the road?


K: I’ve always been an avid reader. At one point – at my voracious peak – I was going through a few books per week. Predictably, (and probably to the disappointment of my sixth grade teacher) social media started eating at that. Now it’s a pretty good balance of staring contests with my team (I’m the undisputed champion), reading, movies, twitter, Instagram and charades.



What are three things you can’t live without while traveling?


K: The most important thing is my Apple MacBook Pro. If I had to save either that or any of my clothes, even if I were naked, it would be the laptop, every time.


Next are my Bose noise canceling headphones. Goes without saying. I live a really loud life. It’s nice to turn it down at times.


Finally I get a little old school and carry around a Moleskine notebook. It has ideas, lyrics, lists, drawings and some unintelligible rambling. I like the feeling of putting pen, pencil, crayon, sharpie – whatever’s around – to paper.



What’s one thing you really miss while on tour?


K: I have to say my family. Mostly because it’s true but also because I might not have one to come home to if I say anything else.



Can you tell us a funny story tour story?


K: One of my favorite things to do is to let my crew loose on other artists. I remember at EDC 2009 David Guetta’s room was wide open and had the misfortune of being next to mine. My crew stole….er….transferred the lion’s share of his supplies over to my room. Though I think they charitably left him a few Oreos. Can’t leave a man to perform on an empty stomach.



What’s a band you have been obsessed with while touring recently?


K: I’ve really enjoyed listening to Haux recently. His stuff is pretty chill and a nice way to unwind when my ears are ringing.