Seattle: On The Ground

Insider Tour Seattle: On The Ground

Known as The Emerald City for its lush greenery and sprawling parks, Seattle is a thriving cultural outpost where backpacks and briefcases coexist. Surrounded by the wild beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the city’s tech and music cultures are constantly growing, creating the ultimate terrain for the urban adventurer. Join W Seattle insider Kyle Poirier for a tour of the best places to eat, drink, and explore around the city of forests and skyscrapers.   

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Photos via @NakaSeattle
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1449 E Pine ST


Naka is an absolutely perfect example of great Japanese cuisine. The Chef and Owner, Shota Nakajima, prepares his contemporary Japanese dishes for the artful and popular Seattle food scene. Experience true Japanese cuisine with a twist only Seattle can bring.



Rock Creek

4300 Fremont Avenue N.


Rock Creek showcases the true Pacific Northwest with their unique menu that offers fresh seafood from northwest waters. Their twists on simple dishes such as bruschetta and oyster shooters are both daring and delicious and make you wonder what’s next.  




1411 N 45th St.


Tilth is the perfect balance of locally organic and seasonal American fare. Executive Chef and Owner, Maria Hines, utilizes only the freshest ingredients that will amaze and delight. Built in a completely remodeled craftsman-style house with hardwood floors, dim lighting and a retired fire place, this place is sure to wow!

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Photo via The Unicorn


Kings Hardware

5225 Ballard Ave NW


Don’t let the name trick you, Kings Hardware is a great little dive bar with a lot of character. Nestled away in the heart of Ballard it’s the perfect place to stop to grab a good burger, a beer, or a refreshing craft cocktail. Also bring your dog because they’re welcome too!



Zig Zag Cafe

1501 Western Ave #202


One of my favorite places to grab an amazing cocktail is Zig Zag. Quiet, casual and always delicious. Located off the beaten path near Pike Place Market, this destination will help you escape the day to day hustle and bustle. The mixologists at Zig Zag are passionate about cocktails and you can tell with every sip.



The Unicorn

1118 E Pike St


With its unique name, circus themed décor, and potent drinks the Unicorn is truly and experience! Have a blast playing pinball, come watch a lively show, or just relax and enjoy their famously vibrant elixirs!

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Photos via @GlassWingShop



312 Garfield Street


For over fifteen years Kuhlman has been offering men’s and women’s clothing and accessories to Northwest natives. Featuring heritage brands as well as up and coming design labels, the shopping experience is sure to stand out from mainstream.



Gold Dogs

5221 Ballard Ave NW


Northwest fashion has always been laid back and easy. Gold Dogs put a very comfortable spin on fashion with their vintage feel and relaxed style.




1525 Melrose Ave


Glasswing is hidden away in the iconic Melrose Market. The small local boutique shop offers stylish northwest clothing; artisan crafted home goods, furniture and much more. Shop like a local at Glasswing!


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Photo via @Neumos_



925 E Pike St


In the heart of Capitol Hill, Nuemos has been a hub for great live music. Featuring indie, hip-hop, rock and even country.




2214 2nd Ave


Featured in Downbeat Magazine as a cool jazz bar, Tula’s keeps its reputation with their daily jazz performances, crafted cocktails, and delicious cuisine.



The Crocodile

2200 2nd Ave


The Crocodile is an iconic music venue located in Belltown. The Crocodile has quite a history, having featured such bands as  Nirvana, R.E.M., and Pearl Jam.

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Photos via @chihulygg
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Chihuly Garden and Glass

305 Harrison St


With artwork showcased all over the world Dale Chihuly is an icon in the art world. With some of his best and most beautiful work displayed at Chihuly Garden and Glass.



Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

4331 Memorial Way Northeast


The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture shows the history of nature and pays respect for Indigenous people history, art and culture.  



Seattle Asian Art Museum

Volunteer Park, 1400 E Prospect St


The Seattle Asian Art museum pays tribute to the beautiful art and culture of Asian heritage.

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Photo of Rattle Snake Ridge via @thedeadseaphotography


Rattle Snake Ridge


Only a thirty minute drive from Seattle, Rattle Snake Ridge is the perfect get-a-way to experience Northwest nature. Climb up 3,400 feet to get a breathtaking view of the Cascade Mountains and Rattle Snake Lake below. 



Snoqualmie Falls

6501 Railroad Ave, Snoqualmie, WA


The two hundred and sixty eight foot waterfall drops majestically into the beautiful Snoqualmie River. Feel the mist as you stare in wonder at one of the Northwest’s most beautiful treasures.



Kerry Park

212 W Highland Drive


Get the perfect skyline view of Seattle. See the Space Needle, Elliott’s Bay and a beautiful backdrop of Mount Rainier. Experience the bustling city and peaceful nature in one park.



Pioneer Square


Pioneer Square is Seattle’s oldest neighborhood dating back to 1852. With its beautiful Victorian style buildings, art studios and tours you can get a real scoop on Seattle’s history.


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Photo via @coletonlunt at Pottery Northwest


Pottery Northwest

226 1st Ave N


Pottery Northwest is a professional clay facility where you can be your own artist. Have the opportunity to have hands on experience and learn the art of pottery.



Seattle Glass Blowing Studio

2227 5th Ave


Seattle Glass Blowing Studio offers a fun experience for all who want to learn the fun and unique art of glass blowing, right in the heart of Seattle.



Studio X

2208 4th Ave


Seattle is one of the hubs of the music world and at Studio X where some of the biggest names have recorded there such as Johnny Cash, Heart, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and even Soundgarden you can see why.