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Nashville's huge appeal lies in its ability to defy expectations.

Destination Guide Nashville

When In Nashville, You Must

Know Before You Go

Nashville has an ever-growing array of great Nashville rooftop bars, because the cocktails taste better, and the music sounds better, with a view! Don't miss W Nashville's rooftop bar, Proof, which offers panoramic views of the city.

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Talk Like A Local

Learn the slang from the streets.


(with a hard g) Noun/verb
As a noun, it's someone who obviously courts relationships with famous folks in order to advance themselves. As a verb, it's the act of doing that.
Did you see him cornering Dierks Bentley when he was standing in line at the bar? What a germ.

Neighborhoods To Explore

1. East Nashville

The Silverlake or Lower East Side of Nashville, in that it's where creative types live and work. Great restaurants and bars.

2. Wedgwood Houston

Some call it WeHo. Long-time heart of the city's gallery scene, it's becoming ground-zero for out-of-town cool.

3. 12South

Twelve years ago, this was a cut-through in a highly-residential neighborhood. The neighbors remain, but retail (Imogene + Willie) and chic restaurants (Locust) have moved in.

4. Belle Meade

Where the money is. And where to go when you want to gawk at wedding cake mansions with flawlessly manicured lawns. It's becoming quite hip, with restaurants like Roze Pony moving in.

Ultimate Access

imogiene & willie

imogene + Willie

2601 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

The company that put modern Nashville fashion on the map. Come for the superior denim; stay for the ambiance and occasional backyard parties.


Libby Callaway / Insider

The company sells many styles of blue jeans, but the OG are based on the impeccable cut of a 501: the Imogene, for women, and the Willie, for men.


Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish

24 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206

Don't be fooled: the best hot chicken in Nashville does not come from a chain. It's being fried inside the cinderblock confines of family-owned businesses like Bolton's, an East Nashville mainstay.


Libby Callaway / Insider

If you're new to the hot chicken game, stick with the medium spicy, Don't say you weren't warned.


National Museum of African American Music

510 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville isn't just about country music. The latest addition to downtown Nashville's culture scene, NMAAM honors and profiles musical genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans.


Libby Callaway / Insider

After visiting, take a drive down Jefferson Street, the historical nexus of Nashville's Black music scene.


Radnor Lake

1160 Otter Creek Road Nashville, TN 37220

If you feel the need to stretch your legs, do like the locals and take a hike at Radnor Lake, a state park a few minutes south of town. Lower Broadway will seem very far away when you're communing lakeside with owls, deer and other local wildlife.


Libby Callaway / Insider

Mornings are busy times. Hit Radnor in the afternoon for the lightest crowds.




E + Rose

1201 Demonbreun St. Nashville, TN 37203

Super-fresh and super-tasty juices and take-out prepared food are the name of the game at this local wellness franchise. There's a location less than a block from the W, in the Gulch.



Mother's Ruin

1239 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

Great cocktails - plus, brunch every day of the week!

Packing List

Nashville Packing Guide

All you need for your Nashville escape.

1. Denim

The unofficial fabric of Nashville, wearable in every situation..

2. Western boots

Even better if they’re vintage. Like denim, they’re worn everywhere.

3. Leather jacket

All-season wear, even in the summer.

4. Bandana

A chic way to cover your face in a pinch – and to signal approval during a Ryman enscore.