W Ibiza: Jade Jagger Makes a Toast with Exclusive New Barware Designs

Design In Focus W Ibiza: Jade Jagger Makes a Toast with Exclusive New Barware Designs

Jagger’s bespoke cocktail sets include Balearic-inspired tumblers and martini glasses.

by Nick Remsen

With crystal-clear views to the Mediterranean Sea, sun-saturated ombré awnings and ample outdoor space, W Ibiza is naturally conducive for a little warm-weather and R&R. Moreover, many would argue, there are few better ways to unplug than by kicking back and ordering a cocktail.


With the help of the jewelry designer, decorator, and globetrotting scion Jade Jagger, your Balearic libation may soon receive a significant upgrade. Jagger has partnered with W Ibiza on these exclusive limited-edition silver cocktail shaker sets, which debuted last week at a launch event in London. With 10 in total, 5 of the sets feature palm-tree engraved martini glasses. The other 5 hold tumblers with a similar motif. Both come in custom, colorful leather cases replete with eye-catching marbled-paper linings. Both also include silver cocktail shakers that have discreet W Ibiza logos etched on their sides (available at W Ibiza). All in all, these are very, very limited. Kind of gives the turn-of-phrase “the perfect drink” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

Jade Jagger

Here, Jagger—over a call from Mustique, where she was vacationing in August—answers a few questions about the project, recalls some of her favorite Ibizan memories, and recommends what to serve in her gorgeous glassware.



W Hotels: When you were creating these sets, what were you thinking of in terms of inspiration? Was there anything specific?


Jade Jagger: I think it was about creating something that reminded me of and consolidated my feelings around Ibiza, its colors, and the sea surrounding it. I used this marbled paper and bright Napa leather to sort of shroud the cocktail set. I also liked the idea of a happy feeling, and the happiness we derive from the places we go, mixed with the nostalgia that builds up over time.

W Ibiza
W Ibiza

Are there any cocktails that distinctly remind you of Ibiza?


Yes. We used to drink champagne mixed with peach juice, a sort of do-it-yourself Bellini. It was a nice, spritz-style drink.




We loved them.


What would you say to someone who might only think of Ibiza as a party destination? 


Ibiza has always been, to me, representative of the countryside. I lived on the north side of the island and it was very rustic when I moved there, 20 years ago. The roads weren’t paved. We’d go for long hikes, have long lunches, then go swimming in the sea. You can still do all of this outside of the commercial areas. The winters are also lovely, everything is really quiet. Ibiza has a special place in my heart. My kids even went to school there!

Jade Jagger

What is your most special, unique or even surprising memory from Ibiza? 


Good question. For a long time, I worked at the nightclub Pacha. We had David Guetta in residency, doing the F*** Me I’m Famous! party. I also did a club called Jezebel. I had all sorts of amazing people come and work for me, like Mark Ronson, even Paris Hilton. It was such a fun, intimate room and we pushed the boundaries music-wise because until then Ibiza was very much stuck in this kind of house music vibe. So, yeah, I think that’s my most special set of memories, at least in regards to work!


Very cool. What about shopping and retail in Ibiza—is there anywhere that you consider a ‘must visit’?


I have always loved Vicente’s (Vicente Ganesha) in the Old Town. It has incredible vintage with an Ibizan spin. There’s also a great spot called Wow, which is a concept store, but also a bar and brasserie.


Lastly, in your opinion, what are the perfect drinks to serve in your new designs for W Ibiza?


I think a mojito is great for its flavor, and on the other hand, I love a classic martini. Vodka. Dirty, made with a bit of olive but I also like it with a twist of lime.


To purchase one of these limited edition sets please visit: www.wibiza.com/jadejagger

W Ibiza Jade Jagger