Inspired By Travel: A Peace Treaty in Bogota

Travel Diary Inspired By Travel: A Peace Treaty in Bogota

The three female designers behind A Peace Treaty, an ethically produced luxury accessories company known for heirloom-quality statement pieces, are constantly inspired by global art and culture. As part of the the CFDA {Fashion Incubator}, Dana, Jesse, and Farah traveled to Bogota for their W Inspiration Trip. Accompanied by The Coveteur, the three women met the locals, explored the age-old techniques of Colombian textile making, and translated their travel inspirations into an exceptional capsule collection.


Whether it’s the paintings hanging in Colombia’s Museo del Oro or the intricate architecture of the city’s colonial churches, Bogota is an bubbling resource of visual inspiration. The art of the city is everywhere, and A Peace Treaty was ready to search for it, finding hidden sculptures and graffiti in the city and beautifully built mountain retreats a trek beyond it.

Art in Bogata
Art in Bogata
A Peace Treaty at the Museo del Oro


Traveling is a feast for our senses and there’s nothing like visiting a local market to breathe in the signature scents of a city. The blooming Bogota flower market is a non-stop olfactory tour of the country’s beautiful buds, while the local vegetable markets and restaurants give you a whiff of culture before the inevitable taste test.

Flower shop
Local flower markets are everywhere in Bogota
Street scene


The textile artisans of Colombia are the backbone of the country’s artistic history. Dana, Jesse, and Farah found inspiration in the town of Cucunuba where the local people are still weaving by loom. The vibrant thread colors, dedicated practices, and intricate skills of the master weavers helped form A Peace Treaty’s upcoming collection. Visits with more modern designers at Bogotá’s local clothing shops showed how these practices can become contemporary.

CFDA {Fashion Incubator}
Bogata fabric
Bogata Fabric
Exploring traditional weaving methods around the country


From the hilltops to the city streets to the luxuriously relaxing lounge of W Bogota, the Colombian metropolis is constantly bustling, both in and out of the city center. A brightly painted doorway, a cloud-covered mountain top, a square full of feasting pigeons – inspiration is anywhere you choose to explore.

Bogata street scene
Bogata house
Taxi stand


After such a profound trip finding creativity in the all the senses from the Colombian capital, A Peace Treaty was ready to show just how much the city had inspired them. With an intimate dinner at W Los Angeles – West Beverly Hills, the designers showed off delicate silk caftans, thick gold jewelry, and bright woven scarves created with Bogota in mind. You don’t need to grasp at straws – this capsule collection was undoubtedly a product of travel inspirations.