An Illustrated Interview with DJ Lost Frequencies

Up Close An Illustrated Interview with DJ Lost Frequencies

At only 22, Felix De Laet, a.k.a  the Belgian DJ and producer Lost Frequencies has already struck gold with hits like “Are You With Me” and “Reality.” But the young talent can do more than just spin, he’s got some artistic talents as well, and a killer sense of humor to match.

Out in the warm cactus garden of W Scottsdale during the Wake Up Call music festival, we asked Felix for a picture perfect interview, illustrating his answers with light hearted doodles that say more than words themselves. From his goofy spirit animal to his unique representation of his DJ style, Lost Frequencies easily draws us in beyond his music.

What is the Feeling you want to Evoke When you DJ?


Lost Frequencies: I want it to be like a party on the beach, always. Everyone is chill but having a fun, late night party.


Draw Yourself as an animal.


LF: I would be a giraffe. A DJ giraffe…because my neck is very very long.


What was the Last Thing you Had to eat?


LF: Sushi! Little fish….and there’s me with chop sticks.


If you could have any super power, what would it be?


LF: If I could I would want to go anywhere in the world, very fast. What is that called?  Teleportation! I would go back to Belgium just for a few hours and then come back here.