Remix Your Year with these Unexpected Holiday Cocktails

Cocktails Remix Your Year with these Unexpected Holiday Cocktails

Put a spin on 2018 with our unique twist on holiday cheer. We are stirring things up with this unexpected menu of cocktails that have a life of their own. The last twelve months left us in a daze, so we made ’em extra stiff. And there’s always time for one last nightcap. Be it shaken or stirred, it’s time to Remix Your Year.


Electric Dazzler

W Barcelona‘s mixologist Matias Lopez has something special to light up the night.


1 and ⅔ oz. Citric flower Syrup

1 and ⅔ oz. Button Szechuan infused Brockman’s Gin

⅔ oz. June Liquor

A touch of silver power


  1. Stir all the ingredients with ice and fine strain into an ice-chilled glass.
  2. Garnish crystal sugar wall into a martini glass and add blue cotton candy cloud with red currant and pansy flower.

Many Times, Many Ways

W Washington DC‘s mixologist Tracy Javier offers something to keep you warm all night long.


1 oz. Cruzan

1 oz. Goslings Black Seal

1 ½ oz. Pecan Cinnamon Tea

1 ½ oz. Hot Water

1 Cinnamon Stick


  1. Toast 33 ounces pecans until they become fragrant. Blend with 33 ounces water and let sit for 4 hours occasionally mixing.
  2. When done, strain the mixture to get just the liquid. Should be around 16 ounces.
  3. Toast some cinnamon sticks and cloves and then add the pecan water and 16 ounces of light brown sugar.
  4. Bring to a boil then turn down to simmer for 5 minutes. When cooled down, strain.
  5. Start with a small pinch of salt and mix into the pecan/ cinnamon syrup. Keep adding and tasting until you lose that dry/tannins like taste on the tongue which is like 3 small punches of salt or around 1/4 of an ounce.
  6. When assembling the cocktail, warm a mug with hot water.
  7. Discard the water and add the rum and the pecan cinnamon mix.
  8. Top with 1 ½ oz. of hot water.
  9. Place two cinnamon sticks right next to each other on the side of the glass. It should kind of look like a raft.
  10.  Soak a sugar cube in a little bit of lemon extract and place the cube on top of the sticks.
  11.  Light it up and sprinkle some cinnamon on the flame to give it a dramatic flare.
  12.  The aroma of the burnt sugar really adds to the feeling of sitting by a fireplace leisurely sipping a nice warm cocktail.

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Mixologist Alex Custeau from W Guangzhou made the perfect cocktail to toast to another year, wherever it may take you.


1 ½ oz. Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey

⅔ oz. Sweet Vermouth

⅔ oz. Campari

½ oz. homemade coffee syrup

Gingerbread Air Foam

8 and ½ oz. milk

⅖ oz. sucrose

⅖ oz. granulated sugar

Touches of cloves powder, cinnamon powder, and ginger powder


  1. Chill a mixing glass with ice.
  2. Remove the ice in the mixing glass.
  3. Pour Whiskey, Vermouth, Campari and coffee syrup in the mixing glass.
  4. Fill up the mixing glass with ice and stir for 20 seconds.
  5. Strain the cocktail into a chilled martini glass.
  6. Use a spoon and top the cocktail with the gingerbread air foam.

Gingerbread Air Foam

  1. Heat the milk to reach 60°C.
  2. Add the cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and sugar.
  3. Mix well until dissolved.
  4. Add the sucrose to the milk mixture.
  5. Use 1 air pump machine and put it in the milk.
  6. Start the air pump until getting enough gingerbread air foam for your cocktail.