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Guangzhou weaves vibrant threads into a dazzling tapestry of modern architecture, rich history, luxury shopping, and inviting entertainment

Destination Guide Guangzhou

When In Guangzhou, You Must

Know Before You Go

Scan your health code ahead your arrival to Guangzhou (airport or train station). You will be asked at the hotel.


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Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.

Ng Goi Sai

唔該 exclamation
Thank you!
That was excellent service! Thank you! Ng goi sai!

Neighborhoods to Explore

1. Dongshankou

An old part of town with a number of art galleries, restaurants, and speakeasy bars.

2. Shamian Island

What used to be an important trade zone during the Song/Qing Dynasty is nowadays a favorite spot to be and be seen.

3. TIT Creative Industry Zone

An old cloth factory is now Guangzhou’s Creative Industry Zone, with green gardens and old brick homes.

4. Mall of the World

Just on the other side of the hotel with a park, shopping, museum, and library. You'll find it all.

W Guangzhou
26 Xian Cun Road, Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District

Ultimate Access to Guangzhou

Hope & Sesame

Hope & Sesame

Miaoqian Xijie 58, Dongshankou, Yuexiu

A speakeasy tucked away behind a traditional Cantonese café serving modern cocktails and nightly live jazz.

David Nebehay

David Nebehay / Insider

Booking a day in advance is highly recommended. Open everyday from 7p-2a, with two rounds of reservations at 7 and 10p.



No.75, Huawen Lu, Tianhe District

This elegant and modern space offers an almost ceremonial experience.

David Nebehay

David Nebehay / Insider

Not a fan of baijiu? Jackwing and her team will change your mind.

FUEL by Greg Lauraichi

FUEL by Greg Lauraichi

Party Pier, Taxi Area B, 4/F

FUEL follows the French trend of utilizing elements of bistro decor and presenting simple but elegant and creative cuisine.

David Nebehay

David Nebehay / Insider

Stay late as their roof top seating turns into a party place as the evening continues.



1-4/F, The Capital Mansion, No. 2 Xiancun Lu, Zhujiang New Town

Michelin awarded, innovative and refined Cantonese cuisine and dim sum.

David Nebehay

David Nebehay / Insider

Their BBQ pork is to die for!

Either / Or

Strand Beer Cafe


Strand Beer Cafe

The first craft beer bar in Guangzhou with a wide selection of hand crafted ales and lagers.

Packing List

Guangzhou packing list

1. Power bank

Juice up your mobile device and camera so you don’t miss a moment.

2. Light wardrobe

The weather is hot and humid, so make sure to bring something breezy.

3. Shades

Keep it cool with a classic pair of sunglasses.

4. Umbrella

Shield yourself from showers and the sun.