Punta de Mita: On the Ground

Insider Tour Punta de Mita: On the Ground

With picturesque white sands, perfect surf, and a thriving local culture, Punta de Mita is a coastal oasis on Mexico’s Bahía de Banderas, ready to be discovered. A short drive from both the renowned surfer’s paradise of Sayulita and the vibrant city of Puerto Vallarta, this quaint village is both a relaxing retreat and an opportunity for adventure, including onsite water sports, surfing lessons and waterside yoga. Join W Punta de Mita Insider José Manuel Amaro on his tour of the best spots around town to eat, shop and explore.


This surf town has several unique stores and boutiques and is best to experience by foot. A walk on the wide beach surrounded by the pueblito and its charming mood, full of surfers and friendly people, as well as the beautiful views of the sunset, is highly recommended.

You will find very interesting things to do/try/shop/wear/drink while you are walking by the street, including the fish or shrimp tacos on the boardwalk.


Puerto Vallarta
One of the oldest tourist ports of the Pacific coast that still retains the flavor of old Mexico, the city is surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra Madre and offers wonderful views of the Bahía of Banderas. Enjoy the city’s cobbled streets, traditional architecture, great cuisine, and nightlife – an eclectic atmosphere blending traditional with the modern in an unexpected way. The city also has an extensive artistic community to offer  is not limited to paintings of mountain or beach landscapes. Try some of the restaurants at Downtown or indulge in an ice cream or a fresh coconut while you are taking a walk to visit the shops and galleries.



El Break
#1 Malecon,Sayulita


A relaxed little bar located right at the corner of Delfines Street and the beach. There, you can have a cool beer and a delicious “balazo” ( or maybe two!), which is a mini seafood-cocktail with a touch of tequila. Also grab  the fresh tuna tostadas and a Cielo Rojo (beer cocktail with clamato, lime juice, Salsa Inglesa, some pepper and chili powder). My favorite!


116 Pulpito
Púlpito 116, 48300 Puerto Vallarta


Located in an Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta, this tiny restaurant has a lot of offer, with unpretentious food and surroundings. A delicious atmosphere, awesome cocktails, and exceptional tapas are perfect to share with friends while listening to the live local musicians play.


El Barracuda
Paraguay #1290, Puerto Vallarta


A beach restaurant and bar with a very relaxed mood, this restaurant’s stone molcajete (a vessel made with volcanic stone historically used to make the chili sauces) will give you a taste of Mexican authenticity. Try the “aguachile”, fresh shrimp “cooked” in lime juice and a hot green pepper sauce (it’s my favorite), and take in that ocean-front view of the sunset. Maybe even take a dip in the ocean while your there!


Revolución del Sueño
55 calle Manuel Navarrete Colonia Centro, Sayulita


One of the coolest stores in Sayulita, a touch of kitsch art invites you to play, try on the vibrant clothes and bring back some home designs that are uniquely Sayulita. You might even recognize some design elements from the store featured in the hotel!


Pacha Mama Gallery


Many local and international artists select this place to publicize their works, which are always related to the local culture and landscapes. Showcasing the idiosyncrasies of the surrounding villages it’s a great way to see an artist’s worldview.



Guadalupe Sánchez 756, Puerto Vallarta


A showcase for new talent in painting, sculpture and other techniques, this Puerto Vallarta gallery is a breathtaking example of the city’s culture. Nestled in the center of the city and surrounded by other galleries, take a stroll around with a glass of wine to fully indulge in the beauty and sensuality of art.