Go Behind the Tables with Our Favorite DJs

Turn Up Go Behind the Tables with Our Favorite DJs

Sometimes to really feel the music, you’ve got to get up close. Go behind the booth with DJ hot shots The Martinez Brothers, The Magician, Oliver Dollar, and Yolanda Be Cool to find out what happens when we invite some of the best names in electronic music to spin in-house. From W Verbier to W Barcelona, we partnered with Graphite to take the sound to the next level, giving backstage access to an exclusive set before each DJ’s main event.

The Martinez Brothers

W Barcelona presents ‘Who’s In Town’ featuring The Martinez Brothers at Eclipse Barcelona.

The Magician

The Magician takes over Bar Brûlé  before he goes on to play at Showcase Club as part of his Potion tour.

Oliver Dollar

The man behind club hits “Pushing On” and “Doing Ya Thang,” Oliver Dollar spices up the 2015 season-closing at W Verbier with an exclusive set in Carve Nightclub.

Yolanda Be Cool

Yolanda Be Cool spins one out at an exclusive listening party.