Get in the Ring with Fit Tips from the Heroic Keoni Hudoba

Fit Tips Get in the Ring with Fit Tips from the Heroic Keoni Hudoba

Keoni Hudoba is living the American Dream. In another life, he weighed in at 300 pounds before transforming his first client—himself. Keoni now stands tall as one of NYC’s most in-demand trainers, and knows that getting fit is not a fad– it’s a lifestyle. The Hawaii native has since launched Cyc Fitness, one of the nation’s biggest national indoor cycling studios. Keoni is also an Under Armour-sponsored athlete five-years-running and has been featured on NBC’s Radius Fitness. It doesn’t stop there. He also serves as a master trainer with Barry’s Bootcamp and a Men’s Health Fitness Guru. We caught up with the legend himself on location at the exclusive Manhattan boxing studio, The Dog Pound, where Keoni shows off moves that know no boundaries and only ask for your determination and grit.


Bridge tap


Start in the crab position, on your palms and feet with your glutes lifted off the ground. Extend your left leg straight up while simultaneously extending your right hand to tap your left toes; return to start and alternate to the other side.


Push back oblique plank w/ knee extension


Start in full plank position on your palms feet a little closer than shoulder width apart. Push away from your palms with your knees going toward the left. Return to plank but keep your legs positioned towards the left and tap your right knee to your left elbow.  Repeat the sequence on the other side.


X-plode burpee


Start in standing position. Jump your legs back into full plank position. Then hop both your arms and your legs out from your body simultaneously creating a wide plank position. Return to normal plank, hop your feet in and return to standing. Repeat.


Bear plank to jump squat

Start in table top position on the ground with your knees hovered one inch from the ground. Hop your legs into low squat position, then jump squat, and return back to bear position with hovered knees.


Tik tok plank to Spider-Man push-up

Start in full plank position and bring your right knee into your chest. Move the knee from center to the left side of your body. Swing it back to the right as you lower your body into push up position with the right elbow to the right knee. Repeat on the other side.


Single leg burpee to scorpion push-up


Start in standing position, balancing on one leg. Hop that leg back while dropping your hands to the ground in a tripod plank, stabilize there, then lower to push up while simultaneously bending the opposite foot towards the glutes. Return to tripod plank, hop the starting foot back in, and stand up. Repeat with the other leg.