Future Rising Makes a Comeback with ‘RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!’

Future Rising Future Rising Makes a Comeback with ‘RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!’

Last year, W Hotels and Mixcloud debuted the second iteration of their audiovisual creators series, Future Rising.Under the banner WONDERLAND, multimedia collaborations across Europe offered utopian visions of the world through art. In 2019, the global mood has become more urgent. Future Rising Vol. 3 refocusses on the present with the theme, RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!


The centerpiece of RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW! will be an audiovisual collaborative performance, created by two artists feeding off each other’s energy to create a brand new piece of work in the host cities of Paris, Barcelona, London, and Amsterdam. Each pair of creators will respond to the cities’ spirit, tensions, and imagination. Future Rising 2019 has unveiled an exciting lineup of creative pairings. Scroll down to see.

W Paris-Opéra

April 26th

Children of Zeus
Design by François Boulo

Future Rising kicks off April 26th in Paris with Children of Zeus and designer François Boulo. Children of Zeus is a soul project by two of Manchester’s most respected artists Konny Kon & Tyler Dale. As Children of Zeus, the duo brings a soulful side back to today’s hip hop generation. François Boulo is a designer and art director based in Paris. He’s worked for international clients such as Bleep.com, Solide Records, Splice, and Roy Music. From the music industry to luxury brands, Boulo is one to turn heads.

W Barcelona

May 2nd

William Djoko

On May 2nd, Future Rising moves to W Barcelona with a tag team by DJ William Djoko and Onionlab studio. William Djoko’s DJ sets are drenched with groove-laden house and rugged, motor-city techno. His productions showcase an eclectic charm, flirting between playful, trippy, and mischievous. Onionlab is a multidisciplinary studio, specialized in directing and producing audiovisual shows for cultural industries. The studio creates stands out for their interactive experiences and motion design movies.

W London

May 9th

Patience Harding

Following Barcelona’s events, Future Rising arrives in London on May 9th with a collaboration between ELIZA and Patience Harding. The last year has seen ELIZA redefine herself as an unexpected master of soulful, sultry pop and bedroom jams that have solidified her as one of the UK’s most exciting artists. ELIZA’s unique brand of indie pop will be visually complimented by Patience Harding, a London-based production and set designer known for shaping off-kilter music videos and fashion films.

W Amsterdam

May 30th

Random Studio

Future Rising will wrap in Amsterdam on May 30th. Lafawndah and Random Studio will join forces to stretch the imagination. Lafawndah’s presence is as unpredictable as her compositional style. She continues to grow a cinematic body of work that portrays a fascination with the counterpoints between music, body, and space. She’ll be joined by Random Studio, an Amsterdam-based design team made up of visual artists, developers, and engineers who create digital experiences and products that blur the boundaries between art, design, and technology. With impressive clients like Hermès, Louis Vuitton & Nike, Random Studio aims to create high-end work that “truly connects to our human reality” — a fitting conclusion to Future Rising RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!