Five Minutes With Jess Glynne

Up Close Five Minutes With Jess Glynne

Across the pond, one girl is making a big splash–her ripples have reached the States and now the whole world is lapping up her powerhouse of a voice and the cheerful hits of a future superstar. Jess Glynne, the English born-and-bred R&B/pop/soul artist who got the crowd riled up during Wake Up Call: A W Hotels Music Festival, first caught the world’s attention with the fastest-selling single and most-streamed song of 2014, “Rather Be.” After that, she enchanted us with her ultra-catchy, ultra-poppy “Hold My Hand.” Before the red-head firecracker hit the stage at W Scottsdale, we talked shop on everything from Solange’s new album to the “wickedness” of backflips.


What is the first album that you had and how did you acquire it?


Jess Glynne: I think the first album I bought was probably the Spice Girls. So. Good.



What’s your hidden talent?


JG: I don’t really have one. I wish I could do a backflip – that’d be wicked. I can do this dance move though…



What is the best city for music?


JG: London. I think it’s really a great scene, there’s loads going on there. It’s a really inspiring city to be in, and a lot of talent comes from there.



Who is your style icon?


JG: I don’t really have a style icon. As a kid growing up, I used to love watching fashion shows and watching the fashion world icons like Kate Moss. But I wouldn’t say that they’re my fashion icons. I love fashion, I love fashion designers, I love style and I have my own style.



What are three things you have to bring on a trip when you’re traveling?


JG: Toothbrush, hairband, my face.



What band or song are you obsessed with right now?


JG: Chance the Rapper, he’s ridiculous. Also, the new Solange that just dropped. That’s gonna be my new obsession.



Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever woken up?


JG: In a tour bus in the middle of nowhere…I was like where the f*ck am I?