Fit Tips From Y7 Studio Founder Sarah Levey On Living Your Best Life

Fit Tips Fit Tips From Y7 Studio Founder Sarah Levey On Living Your Best Life

We’re all about vacation, but taking a trip doesn’t mean your workout routine has to go on hiatus, too. Sarah Levey, who started the hip-hop yoga craze with Y7 Studio, lives her best life no matter if she’s working, playing or taking a much-needed escape, by fueling her body with essential do-anywhere power yoga moves.


Why did you start Y7?

SL: Y7 was really started for me. I was frustrated by the yoga experiences around me and wanted something that empowered, challenged and inspired me. Throughout my daily life, I try to take these ideals with me in order to be my best self.


How would you describe your lifestyle?

SL: Beautifully chaotic. I am constantly on the go and have to be flexible in my approach to everything. Things can change so quickly!


How do your travels inspire your workouts?

SL: I try to get some sort of activity in wherever I am and that really means immersing myself in what is around me. I have become accustomed to being able to work anywhere. It used to be really hard for me since I came from an office job before Y7 but I’ve found my rhythm. Headphones. Coffee. Laptop. Done.

We paired up with the influential fitness guru and the perfect workout buddy, smartwater, for a weekend of events at W South Beach during Miami Swim Week, to bring you quick and easy travel-friendly workouts to do at home or on the road.

Sarah’s Go-To Yoga Moves

These five essential moves will get you swimwear ready and leave you feeling guilt-free for vaycay fun.


Down Dog Cross Bodies

From downward-facing dog, extend a leg to the sky. Next, bring knee to opposite elbow in-sync with the breath.


This full-body motion hits your shoulders, upper-arms, core, and hips.


Plank to Forearm Plank

Begin in push-up position, then alternate between hands and forearms. Be sure to keep your butt low and you gut tight.


This move will rock your core, shoulders, and arms.



Extended Fire Hydrant

Start in a tabletop position with hands beneath shoulders, and knees beneath hips. Extend one leg at a time, pointing toes to where the back wall meets the ceiling.


This is a great move to tone your glutes and lower back muscles.


Plank to Malasana Squat

Start in push-up position. Squeeze your core as you pull knees to chest. Aim for a soft, quiet landing as your hands meet in prayer.


This is a full-body power move. Don’t forget to breathe!



Begin on your belly, then reach for opposite walls. Focus the squeeze on your core instead of your butt.


Supermans may not look glamorous, but they’re essential for a strong back.