Explore the Backstreets of Bogota with Bomba Estereo

Insider Guide Explore the Backstreets of Bogota with Bomba Estereo

Always willing to push the envelope with their electro beats, the award winning Colombian band Bomba Estereo has brought genuine personality and humor to every album for over ten years. So whether it’s a chart-topping hit, a goofy round of quick-fire questions, or a secret tour around the city of Bogota where their band first began, Simón Mejía and Li Saumet will take an inch and go a mile. Follow the energetic duo as they spend the day exploring the city around W Bogota, grabbing must-have Colombian coffee in the morning, checking out the street culture filled with art and amazing food, and finally, taking a walk down memory lane to the neighborhood where the band met years ago.

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Bomba Estereo’s Bogota Street Tour

Photo via @varietale

Get a Classic morning coffee


Calle 41 #843


Right across from the Javeriana University you will find Varietale, a cafe housed in a former convent bustling with nearby university students. This trendy brew bar offers a variety of different methods — AeroPress, Chemex, a three-burner syphon station — and the baristas are real pros. The entrance to the cafe is enchanting: sunlight illuminates the bar and the colorful white and blue tiles make it the ideal stop for a great coffee.

Photo via @costajpp

Tap into Street Culture

Bogota City Center/Graffiti Tour

Meet at Parque de Los Periodistas


Discover the untold stories of thousands of murals around Bogota in an area that is becoming one of the most important graffiti and street art destinations around the world. Visit the Beso de los Invisibles, the city’s tallest mural telling the controversial love story of a homeless couple.

Photo by @pilip21

Refuel with a farm fresh meal

Canasto Picnic Bistro

Calle 88 #13a-51


This restaurant located in the tranquil Virrey Park focuses on “conscious cuisine” and supports the local environment with its farm to table practice. All their dishes are prepared with healthy ingredients, bought from local markets and small scale farmers. Their beet root carpaccio and trout sandwich are a few of the standout dishes.


Find your people in Chapinero

Chapinero Alto Neighborhood


This residential neighborhood is known for its bohemian vibe with plenty of cool bars, new restaurants with young creative chefs, designer stores and great coffee shops. Spend the day there!

Bomba Estereo's Bogota Tour Map

Explore the band's secret spots in the city.

1. Varietale Cafe

Try the best beans in Bogota.

2. Bogota Grafitti Tour

See some of the world's most iconic street art.

3. Canasto Picnic Bistro

For a much needed meal, visit this farm to table gem.

4. Chapinero Alto Neighborhood

The best neighborhood for hip shops, trendy cocktails and never ending culture.