Everything We Ate, Drank, Stole and Celebrated in 2017

Round Up Everything We Ate, Drank, Stole and Celebrated in 2017

We don’t think we could forget 2017 even if we wanted to, but last year brought even more than shocking headlines – it was all about the numbers. We asked W Hotels from around the world to tell us their strangest, funniest, and most shocking statistics from the year – from the most stolen items to the number of cocktails poured to just how many condoms were requested by the front desk.

See the stats that made 2017 truly like no other.

Have a ball!


There are 633 disco balls at W London. That’s 633 reasons to keep it going from the party, to the after party, to the hotel lobby (and everywhere else).

Beary addicted!


440,603 gummy bears were consumed at W hotels around the world. But everyone still knows red is the best.

Big Bird.


How long was the biggest flamingo in Asia? 11 feet! It was pink, inflatable, and only at W Maldives.

Island passion.


Number of Passion Fruit Mojitos sold at W Bali? 20,000. Acts of passion that followed? Uncountable.

Not surprising…


Rolling papers were the most common item left behind at W Amsterdam.

From Paris with…


Paris really is the city of love. There were 730 birthdays, 183 anniversaries, 24 proposals & 96 honeymoons celebrated at W Paris in 2017. And at least one dildo was left behind.

Express yourself!


The Halloween party at W Fort Lauderdale drew 500 people and about 150 Madonna costumes. But how many cone bras?

To thy own selfie be true.


183 selfies were taken in the lounge bathroom mirror at W Boston.

We do sell them, you know…


Some strange things were stolen from W hotel rooms this year (like speakers and mirrors), but the one item that you couldn’t keep your hands off of? Bathrobes. 370 stolen bathrobes, to be exact.

You did it!


It was a hard year, but at least we had fun. And you did too! 5,346 condoms were sold at W Hotels around the world this past year. Cheers to a fun and freaky (and safe) 2017!