DIY: Brilliant Braids from London Fashion Week

How To DIY: Brilliant Braids from London Fashion Week

Fashion Week is about putting your best style forward, so for #LFW, we made sure to keep the glam going all weekend. As part of W Finishing Touches, a beauty pop-up at W London – Leicester Square, a team of professionals was on call to help with makeup from Bare Minerals, nail care from Ciaté and the hottest hair trends from The Braid Bar.

One of our favorites from the masters at The Braid Bar was the “Anaïs” style, two twisted buns named after supermodel Anaïs Mali who’s sported the look before. Chic enough for the runway to every day, get this must-have Fall look in 10 easy steps.


1. Part the hair down the middle.


2. Section off some hair from the side.


3. Fix one side with a hair clip.


4. On the other side, section off the front strands of hair.


5. Split the section into 3 strands.


6. Braid around the top of the head.


7. Secure the braid with a hair tie.


8. Twist the pigtail into a bun.


9. Pin the bun to secure it in place. 


10. Do it again on the other side!

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