Day to Night in Vegas with Andrew Kuttler

Photo Diary Day to Night in Vegas with Andrew Kuttler

When it comes to Las Vegas, the wild and raucous Sin City holds a bit of a reputation. But during the day, off the flashing Vegas strip, there is a different side to this desert city. Bold signs. Bright design. Breathtaking art. Color is everywhere in Downtown Las Vegas, and no better person to help capture the magic than Andrew Kuttler, the Instagram famous photographer known for bringing the bright.

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We asked Andrew to explore the side of the strip where W Las Vegas calls home, using his eye for design to show off how the Downtown neighborhood is bringing awesome art, great sights, and real culture to LV. “What I love about Las Vegas,” says the photographer who has found fame in his unique style, “is that although we have preconceived notions of the city like gambling, drinking, bright lights, etc., there is still so much spontaneity and secret spots to be found.”


Follow Andrew’s photo diary of his extra-colorful day in Downtown Vegas, and what inspired him throughout the city.


8 am: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is a classic nod to the city that captures the entirety of the strip without actually having to go there. I’m fascinated by the old typography and retro vibe of the sign with the flashiness and bright lights. Although I was determined to photograph more of the unexpected, colorful and graphic side of LV while on my trip, I wanted to allude to the old school Vegas that everyone knows and loves while putting my own unique spin on it.

10 am : W Las Vegas WET Deck

The W’s WET Deck is so much more than a pool/lounge area – it ‘s filled with bright colors and graphic design that is perfect for photo opportunities and bursts of creative inspiration. I immediately gravitated to the black and white murals on both sides of the deck, opting for a fun contrast with my morning coffee from PERQ.

12 pm: Seven Magic Mountains

I’ve wanted to visit this art installation by Ugo Rondinone ever since it was constructed last year. I love the pairing of the neon colors of the rocks with the surrounding desert. I couldn’t believe how much bigger it was in person! It was truly an ethereal experience that inspired me to find more hidden gems in Las Vegas. In this GIF, I wanted to capture how the unexpectedness and the contrast between these colorful pillars in the middle of nowhere completely epitomizes the wackiness of Vegas.

4 PM: Smith Center for the Performing Arts

I’m a sucker for color so this installation, Pipe Dream by Tim Bavington, has been on my bucket list for a while. I was so excited to finally cross it off! I was inspired by the super vibrant color and the contrast in scale with a tiny person. One of my favorite things to do in a new city is to find colorful walls, locations, installations, etc. I don’t think many people know of Las Vegas as a colorful city, at least in the day time, but I wanted to show some of the unexpected places we might not usually see on the strip.

6 pm: Back at W

I love that the W Las Vegas entrance pays homage to the original showgirl days of Las Vegas – every time a gust of wind or a person strides by the front wall, the gold poker chips shimmer and shine. There are so many cool details here that give every room an unexpected twist, plus, a bunch of opportunities for great photos.

10 PM: W Las Vegas Premiere Party

Neon lights and arrows are two of my favorite things and this W sign delivered! It was installed just in time to guide guests to the premiere party and I wanted to capture someone striding by, getting ready to experience Vegas the old fashioned way – by night!