Day to Night to Late Night, DJ Dipha Barus Finds Inspiration in Bali

Travel Diary Day to Night to Late Night, DJ Dipha Barus Finds Inspiration in Bali

Fusing EDM with Indonesia’s diverse genres of traditional music, Dipha Barus has conjured a uniquely global sound. It’s this eye for the horizon that keeps Barus always on the move and creatively fresh. “Traveling is how I get to see different cultures and people,” he says. “Every day, I discover a new thing, a new culture. Every day I find a new influence for my music.” Born and raised in Jakarta, Barus is at home in a country that boasts endless wells of inspiration, from dreamy beaches to lush jungles to a culture that celebrates the art of sound from day to night.

Beyond his home, Barus has a special affection for the magical island of Bali. “If there’s one place I would recommend visiting,” he says, “it’s here. There are so many beautiful places to go, and Bali has such a rich culture.” He’s partial to the town of Ubud for its quiet and chill, a respite from hustling tourists and raucous clubs. “I really love the quiet places,” says Barus, who’s recently honed his meditation practice. But when he’s ready to turn up, Bali is ready, too.

The rich history of Balinese theater and music, with instruments like the gamelan, influence the DJ’s ever-evolving sounds. He’s an avid collector of these Indonesian instruments, never afraid to bring his culture into his beats. Take his high energy exclusive track “Room Key” featuring Vince Staples and Lala,  recorded at W Bali – Seminyak in the in-house Sound Suite recording studio. You can hear the history of the island infused with the energy of the people, ready to dance all night. “When you hear the music,” he explains, “you feel really chill and energetic at the same time.”


Take a behind the scenes look at the sounds and sights of Bali and the natural balance that fueled the track we can’t stop listening to and watch the full music video here.

For Barus, it's all about balance. Bali has ample opportunities to zen out while also getting a workout.
Offerings like treats, incense, and flowers are left as good wishes to relatives and friends who have passed away.
Bali is known for its immersive art culture, inspiring at every turn.
Inspiration for a song is everywhere. Local gamelan players bring Bali's history to life.
After a day of meditation, surfing, and taking in the sounds of the city, Barus is ready to turn it up at W Bali.
Everyone is invited to the party, including some characters from the Balinese ancient theater.
"It’s cool to be a person from the Far East who has such a different, unique culture," says Barus.
The art of performance is what always draws a crowd.
Turned up or turned down, at the end of the day it's all about the inspiration we bring home.