Candy Taste Test: Chef Angela Dimayuga vs. Cherry Bombe’s Claudia Wu

games Candy Taste Test: Chef Angela Dimayuga vs. Cherry Bombe’s Claudia Wu

Friends and fellow food lovers, Chef Angela Dimayuga and co-founder Claudia Wu of culinary magazine Cherry Bombe are all about making delicious projects together. From Claudia and her business partner Kerry Diamond’s new cookbook to Angela’s success as a chef (she was the executive chef of Mission Chinese Food alongside Danny Bowien for seven years), both are forces within the culinary world. Whether they are brainstorming new recipes or gushing over their latest foodie obsessions (right now it’s a fermented soybean dish called Natto), the two gourmands love to make food fun.

We got an inside look at how the hottest culinary minds of New York City have a little fun, challenging the friends to a little Halloween taste test. Watch as Angela and Claudia go head to head in an old-fashioned battle of the taste buds, guessing some classic and not so classic Halloween candy while totally blindfolded.


Chef Angela Dimayuga (left) and food editor Claudia Wu (right) getting ready for their candy taste test.

ROUND 1: Claudia Tastes


Swedish Fish


Angela: Ok, open up wide! I’m going to carefullllly drop it in.

Claudia: Hmmm. It tastes really fishy…

Angela: Ohhhh!

Claudia: But in a really Swedish way?

Angela: TOO EASY!

Mummy Cake Pop


Angela: Ok you have to bite this one. 

Claudia: Ugh. It’s so sweet. A ball of some sort. Are you trying to trick me? Is it cake?

Angela: God you are good! But where is it from?

Claudia: Hmmm…. Milk Bar?

Angela: More basic. 

Claudia: Baked By Melissa’s cupcakes? CVS cupcakes?

Angela: Pretty much. Starbucks.

Claudia: Eww they have cake balls? Ugh. I thought it was peanut butter, that texture is weird.



Sour Straws


Angela: Hey! Stop sniffing around!

Claudia: I smell fruit.

Angela: What’s the shape of it?

Claudia: A string? Ummm… a straw?

Angela: What kind of straw? What’s the flavor profile?

Claudia: A SOUR STRAW! 

ROUND 2: Angela Tastes


Candy Corn


Angela: Woah I haven’t been blindfolded in a long time!

Claudia: Ok let this take you on a deep routed psychological journey. Open up!

Angela: Oh. OH. UH?

Claudia: You know this! Halloween…

Angela: Oh duh, candy corn! Taste like dried frosting. Kinda gross. I don’t even know what flavor profile that is! I like licorice. Is there licorice?


Day Of The Dead Sugar Cookie


Angela: Hmmm… It’s round. And hard.

Claudia: It looks good. I kind of want some.

Angela: Is it a sugar cookie with chocolate icing?

Claudia: You’re good. But what is it?

Angela: Ghost? Dolphin? 

Claudia: Day after Haloween…


Claudia: And it’s from Starbucks!

Angela: What? It’s weirdly good.

Panettone Fruit Cake


Claudia: Oh wow. I don’t know if you’ll get this.

Angela: What? WHAT? What the hell is this?

Claudia: It’s not really Halloween themed… but it’s a famous dessert.

Angela: It’s horrible. Is it…a fruitcake? That Italian fruitcake?

Claudia: YES! The one in the box.

Angella: Oh god! Why did you give me this? This was a trick!