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When In Bogota, You Must

Know Before You Go

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Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.


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Neighborhoods to Explore

1. Usaquen

If you love a bohemian setting, this neighborhood is for you. The cobbled streets are lined with restaurants, bars, boutiques, and pubs. And the weekend street market is not to be missed!

2. San Felipe

An artistic neighborhood, reminiscent of old school Bogota. You'll discover art galleries, small cafes, and restaurants with an underground feel.

3. Calle de Anticuarios

If you're passionate about design, add this small street in the El Nogal neighborhood to your list. There are antique shops, art galleries, and stores filled to the brim with local design.

4. La Candelaria

This is the heart and soul of the city. Get a cultural overdose visiting the Botero & Gold museums, contemplate the street graffiti, and eat like a local. Visit the emerald stores to take an authentic piece of Bogota home with you.

Ultimate Access to Bogota

A New Cross

A New Cross

Calle69 # 11a-34

Nicolas Rivero is a Colombian designer whose aim is to highlight amazing artisanal designs, and he's rocking it!


Ayeisha Antoni / Insider

Let me know if you want to visit his studio and see his designs first hand. Walk with a light suitcase, though, you'll want everything!

Paula Mendoza

Paula Mendoza

Paula Mendoza designs the most incredible jewelry and has been part of magazine editorials around the world. Her designs are inspired mostly by the indigenous tribes of Colombia. Each piece has an intimate story to tell.


Ayeisha Antoni / Insider

Make room for her brooches & pins—an instant pump up for any outfit.

Alex Sastoque

Alex Sastoque

Autopista Nte #114-44

Alex Sastoque is a maestro of art, expressed through painting, sculpture, and video art. His latest cultural project 'Cultivate Peace' has garnered praise worldwide.


Ayeisha Antoni / Insider

Meet & greet? Just say the word.

Either / Or




Calle 108 #15-12

This is pure energy: live music, lights and action! Cycling has never looked this good!




Avenida Caracas #72a-19

Kaputt has got it all. There are four different rooms, and our very own W Bogota Music Curator is resident DJ.

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