Bogotá: On the Ground

Insider Tour Bogotá: On the Ground

Located 2600 meters closer to the stars, at the foot of the Andean Mountains, Bogotá is a vibrant, energetic, and artistic capital in constant transformation. Prepare yourself to escape and discover the fascinating history and culture of this Colombian metropolis where the local gastronomic scene, exclusive designer shops and a hot, hip nightlife is thriving. W Bogotá Insider Ayeisha Antoni shows us the best spots in town to start your journey.


El Chato

Diagonal 68 #11a-29


A new spot in the neighborhood of Quinta Camacho, chef Alvaro Clavijo’s menu combines modern cooking techniques with local products resulting in some very interesting combinations, like the beetroot salad with ricotta.



Calle 70A #10a-18


Eat and drink your way through the colorful culture of Colombia. Offering more than 165 wines by the glass, Nueve is perfect for a full dinner or just sharing drinks and snacks among friends.


La Roma Records

Transversal 17A Bis #36-21


Founded in Mexico City, this record store in Bogota’s Teusaquillo neighborhood offers a wide musical selection, filled with people of all types, from young people buying their first records to vinyl veterans expanding their collection. Check out these must have Colombian LPs like Bomba Estéreo  by Estalla (Polen Records, 2009) and Aterciopelados by Gozo Poderoso (Ariola, 2000).



Argento Y Bourbon

Calle 77 # 13-08


Camilo Sarmiento and Nicolás Pinzón, two childhood friends with years of experience in fashion, decided to create their own brand of luxury shoes for men. Each pair has a unique design and are handmade with high-quality materials, making them 100% Colombian and 100% fashionable.


Galería de Cometa

Carrera 10 #94a-25


Through the years, La Cometa has participated in different international art fairs in addition to organizing and presenting hundreds of exhibitions with the participation of great Latin American artists and emerging talents. These efforts have allowed the gallery to become an important reference for Colombian contemporary art and one of the most important galleries in the city.


El Enano

Calle 79b #7-12


This bar located within El Bandido Bistro is perfect for a drink before heading out to dinner or a party. As the name suggests, it’s a small and cozy place where jazz music is mixed with European mambo of the 50s.



Armando Music Hall

Calle 85 # 14-46


Whether you want to eat, dance, watch a movie, or just have a drink and watch the crowds, the Music Hall is the perfect place to start and finish every adventure in Bogota.