Barcelona: On the Ground

Insider Tour Barcelona: On the Ground

The Spanish tradition of tapas, which are various bite-sized dishes served in a vibrant market setting, perfectly captures the Barcelona mentality. Try everything the city has to offer in small, delicious portions, whether it be the fashion, the food, or the rich cultural design. Follow W Barcelona Insider Pep Malla as he gives us a taste of the city’s savory scene.



Carrerde Viladomat, 27


Visit one the trendiest neighborhoods and fastest-growing designer concept shops, Galeri, that gives creators a place to showcase their art in a functional and fashionable space. From photographs to furniture to art objects, you can get connected with artists around the city and bring a souvenir of the creativity back home.


Bartholomew i URIBE

Carrer Carders, 31


Featuring designs exclusively made in Catalunya, this womenswear shop features collections with designers that use a hands-on, “slow fashion” process from design to pattern making, sewing to selling. The result: a comfortable, natural silhouette designed for the cosmopolitan, independent woman who dictates the trends.




Sant Domènec, 5


An endlessly creative destination featuring candles, vases, dishes, and a selection of restored antiques. Find a keepsake that’s sure to be one of a kind.


Paris, 168


Carlota Claver, the young chef and sommelier at this charming and welcoming restaurant, makes your table the center of the experience. Claver brings a fresh touch to traditional Catalan recipes, and gives the restaurant a lush, warm decor to make it feel like home as soon as you enter the door.



La Donuteria

Parlament, 20


Forget the artificial flavors–savory doughnuts are the perfect bite. Mango chutney, mango curry, mango coconut, matcha tea, and ginger–the list of exciting, natural flavors goes on. The options may be otherworldly, but the taste is on point.


Edge Brewing

Carrer de Llull 62


Edge Brewing was founded by two Americans that brought the craft beer revolution to Barcelona in a delicious way. Discover the alternative to commercial factory-produced lagers with an interesting twist on American beer in the beautiful setting of Spain.



Bar Brutal

Barra de Ferro, 1


Bar Brutal has become the space to indulge in local, natural wines with a one-of-a-kind experience. Visit the wine cellar/wine bar/tapas bar and taste the beauty of natural Spanish wines, made with organic grapes, biodynamic methods, and no sulfites.