Backstage at W Hong Kong With Yeti Out

Up Close Backstage at W Hong Kong With Yeti Out

Straddling the line between nightlife and editorial, former HYPEBEAST editor-turned-event producer, Arthur Bray is a great collaborator who’s always looking to help others get their sound out in the world. Founder of the Hong Kong music collective and streetwear clothing line, Yeti Out, he knows that creating good music means creating a culture around you. We got personal with the well-rounded creative while hanging at W Hong Kong for Future Rising to talk city creativity, what makes a great party, and the joy of working with friends.


What are the key elements when putting on a great event?


Arthur Bray: I think the obviously the sound quality is the primary part, but other factors that add to the overall vibe are also important, such as visuals to go with the audio or the venue in which the event is taking place at. I like to think of the other people in the room who don’t like drum and bass. There’s a visual part, there is conversation, the vibe itself. To create a great party you need a philosophical element, and you need a fun element. It’s more than just the music.



How does Hong Kong inspire your creativity?


AB: Hong Kong is a very exciting place right now. It’s a metropolis where many people are coming through, an international hub, and a place where a lot of great talent live. There is a lot of inspiration that comes through and it is a very exciting time that we live in, depending on resources and platforms, to celebrate creativity. The city’s upbeat energy is infectious.


What has been your favorite part of Future Rising?


AB: Everything has been really smooth and really awesome. I love the conversations, from Delf’s AV showcase to Fergus Heathcote’s debut as Chungking & Mansion for our record label Silk Road Sounds. I never knew Fergus would do that! It was an amazing production.



What do you look for when signing or scouting talent?


AB: I don’t really look for anything. A lot of them are just friends who do good music. We are blessed to be surrounded by really talented friends who happen to make weird shit that needs to be shared with the world, so the process has been easy!