AlunaGeorge Reveals Her Secret Vegas Suite Behavior

Up Close AlunaGeorge Reveals Her Secret Vegas Suite Behavior

What happens in Vegas tends to stay in Vegas, but when you’re partying with a rising star like Aluna of the breakthrough British band AlunaGeorge, you’ll want to tell everyone. A fashion muse and boundary-pushing vocalist, Aluna is making waves in the electro-pop scene with her R&B and garage inspired tracks, working with heavy hitters like Disclosure and Pell.

With an energetic style and an attitude to match, Aluna was the perfect guest to perform at the wild opening of W Las Vegas. We got close with the bold performer in her suite after the show, talking fashion and inspiration over champagne and revealing some not-so-secret Vegas behavior.


When traveling what can’t you live without?


My box of tea from England. For traveling I’ll go for the UK standard, PG Tips with the triangle bag. And I NEED a book. I can’t stand getting stuck on a plane or waiting somewhere with nothing to read.



You have a totally unique sense of style and really put on a show. What draws you to an outfit you’ll wear when performing?


It’s a combination of the theater and sport. My sport criteria is to be flexible. You want to be able to move around but you don’t want everyone to be able to see your butt or something like that. You’re gonna get sweaty, you’re gonna sweat  through your outfit so you need to worry about the color. But when it comes to the theater of the outfit, you need to be able to get people excited and happy and feeling free. It’s less about straightforward fashion and about function.

Aluna performing at the newly opened W Las Vegas

What do you do to get ready to go on stage?


It starts so far before the stage, really. All the preparation you have to do – the engineering, designing the set list. It’s kind of like a nightmare! I always think, ok I’ve got it down perfect, and then we need to change things around with the reality of the situation! Then comes backstage with physical and vocal warm-ups, try to time what I’m drinking or eating hours before I go on stage so I can be ready.



How did you meet George, the other half of AlunaGeorge?


We actually met on MySpace! During the time when Myspace was happening, that is. He found my band because we were on the recommended page. He really liked a cover we did of Van Morrison’s “The Way Young Lovers Do.”



Do you have any secret suite behavior you do when you are alone in a hotel room?


I need to jump on bed, that’s a must. Then I move all the furniture to the side so I can exercise. I need space!



Do you have a specific  travel workout routine?


I do pilates, go to the gym, do punching, stuff like that. But I also do my vocal warm-ups which is something most people don’t usually hear coming from a room or gym. I tend to get called weird a lot for making all these sounds, but yea, I am weird!



What was the first album you ever bought and do you have an album that you can’t stop listening to now?


Radiohead was my first album. It has really influenced me throughout my career.  Now I really love the Thundercats album, Drunk!



When traveling to a new city what is one thing you always want to try or experience?


I love to find local restaurants around the city. If you can find the place where the chefs go to, that’s a good plan. Or the nature of the area – a waterfall or a forest. Just get out.



What’s your favorite thing about Las Vegas?


Las Vegas is its own little world. I’ve been for work mostly but I’m excited to hang out. It’s all about the daytime pool parties, so I know somethings going to get cooked up.



Finally, if something happens in Vegas, should it stay in Vegas?


Definitely not! You should always tell your Vegas stories because not everyone can get to Vegas and they should know them!