Adeline Ziliox Wows with New Pieces Inspired by W Paris-Opéra

Interview Adeline Ziliox Wows with New Pieces Inspired by W Paris-Opéra

French fashion designer Adeline Ziliox makes clothes for the woman that distinguishes herself by her audacity. “Little things become my source of inspiration,” she tells us, “but every time it’s led by strong emotions that I need to capture.” W Paris-Opéra sought to tap this energy when they asked Ziliox to collaborate ahead of Paris Fashion Week. Ziliox immersed herself in the design of the W Paris-Opéra to create two exclusive pieces inspired by the hotel. What the designer achieved is a perfect mix of graphic contemporary and classic chic. We talked with Ziliox about the new pieces, and about how she made her way in the competitive world of Parisien fashion, working with Maison Margiela and starting her own label along the way.


Adeline Ziliox showcases her custom pieces at the W Lounge at W Paris-Opéra

As an artist, what inspires you the most, creatively and personally?


There is no distinction between what inspires me personally and what inspires my work. Everything is connected. My creation process starts with what I live daily. It can be a silhouette vanishing in the corner of a street, a look at the sky, an art exhibition, music… especially music. Sometimes small little things become my source of inspiration, but every time it is led by strong emotions that I need to capture and translate into my creations.


When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?


I wanted to become a fashion designer since I was around 14. By that time, I had already started to create pieces because I didn’t want to dress like everybody else. It is when I watched the Mylene Farmer’s concert on TV in 1996 that I had a revelation. I discovered the stage outfits created by Paco Rabanne, and at that moment I thought “this is what I want to do, I want to create outfits for stars” and to this day I still pursue this dream.


Tell us about the decision and process that led to launching your own brand.


For me it was obvious that I wanted to create my own brand, I have always been determined to do so. I graduated major of promotion with the congratulations and special mention of the jury “Maison Martin Margiela.” Six months later, I built my company without asking myself any questions. It was natural for me, I followed my instinct and my intuition!


How did you come up with the two outfits inspired by W Paris-Opéra?


Creating an exclusive piece for the W was instinctive. Spending time at the W is like a journey in the world of design with a well-being dimension. I spent a moment with friends in the W Paris-Opéra, and I impregnated myself with the place. I got very inspired by the mix between the ultra-contemporary graphics, the street art, and at the same time a classy and chic touch. I tried to recreate this perfect balance in my creation.


How would you describe someone who wears your designs?


All my clients and I have something in common. We are always seeking for oddity, the woman Adeline Ziliox distinguishes herself by her audacity, by not following the codes dictated by the fashion industry. She is a determined and confident woman with a hint of eccentricity, and more than anything she is driven by this deep desire of feeling unique at all times.


How do you first capture ideas and translate that into finished designs?


The creation process has always been hard to explain, there is a part of imaginary that I call my “visions,” but also a lot of reflection, e.g. for the elaboration of a consistent collection. I think there is an important part of mystic in every creation, it is what makes the thing even more magical and magnificent. It is the miracle of life!



What is your favorite thing about Paris?


I have always been in love with Paris. What pleases me the most with this city is its energy. This creative energy, this healthy emulation that makes us feel like anything is possible. Every day is an adventure, with new encounters, unique experiences and incredible discoveries to make! For me, THIS is living Paris.


How would you describe your own personal style?


I have always wanted to be different from the others, I used clothes as a way to express myself. I dressed in a very eccentric way, almost in a provocation purpose. Today my style is more refined and affirmed. I love to mix basics with one strong piece which I accessorize. I work a lot so it needs to be comfortable and unique at the same time. My style is “Ready to Live!”