6 Young DJs You Need to Listen to

Turn Up 6 Young DJs You Need to Listen to

Some people have a sixth sense for the next big thing. W Hotels North America music director Paul Blair (aka DJ White Shadow) is making sure the world knows the talent behind the booth. In collaboration with W Hotels and Burn™, six emerging DJs were mentored by the best in the business including Paul Oakenfold, James Lavelle, and Andy Caldwell, releasing an exclusive EP during the International Music Summit in Ibiza. Get to know the new names at the tables and turn up the sound on their supercharged mixes.



Resident DJ at W Mexico City, Tatiana de Leon, also known as T.A.T., is a natural mixer of music and style. A former model, the DJ is all about melding ethereal sounds with rhythmic beats to keep the party sounding as good as it looks.



DJs Damian Boylan & Jonathan Daltrey met on a plane from London to Hong Kong, and the rest was history. The Hong Kong-based DJ duo brings their beats around the world, mashing up classics with more modern EDM sounds for a surefire rager.

Wendy Bailey

Wendy Bailey

A known name in the underground club music scene of Korea, Wendy Bailey is rising fast. A natural behind the booth, she indulges in those deep hypnotic beats to keep the crowd moving all night.

Sezer Uysal

Sezer Uysal

For Turkish DJ Sezer Uysal, finding the right touch is more instinctual than voluntary. With half a dozen remixes and original productions, his work has reached Beatport’s coveted Top 100 Progressive House and many more coveted positions. Pretty impressive for someone with no formal musical education.



Sylwia Kubicka, aka VONDA7, has a passion for club sounds that go deep. With a residency in many Berlin nightclubs, this DJ knows that when it comes to making sounds for the crowds, rest is for the weary.

Adam Share


Adam Share might look young, but his experience as a DJ goes way beyond his 24 years. The Florida-born DJ goes high energy making every set a non-stop party.