10 Questions with Jeftuz

Up Close 10 Questions with Jeftuz

Hailing from a small town outside of Amsterdam, producer and DJ, Jeftuz, knows how to turn up the heat when he’s spinning at the city’s hottest clubs. Called “baby-making music” by his fans, pop hits get a sexy twist with the Future Rising artist’s smooth transitions and hip hop inclinations, receiving praise for his remix of Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters” with more than a million clicks.

But when it comes to his roots, Jeftuz finds inspiration in the R&B classics and smooth jams of the 90s. We got specific with the emerging DJ/producer, hearing about his favorite beats from his youth, the talent he just can’t stop spinning, and his undying love for R&B icon Aaliyah.

Where are you from and what music did you grow up listening to?


Jeftuz: I am from Groningen, The Netherlands. I grew up with R&B music such as TLC, Blackstreet, Montell Jordan, Aaliyah, Brandy, Boyz 2 Men, SWV, Destiny’s Child etc.



What is the first album you ever owned? How did you acquire it?


J: My first album ever was SWV’s “It’s About Time”. My brother and sister always listened to this kind of music so I had to grab that album.



How do you keep up the energy when you are performing live?


J: I make sure that I’m always well prepared.



What is the best advice you have ever gotten about your career?


J: Pray everyday and believe in yourself.



If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?


J: That would be Bombay Gin mixed with Sprite.



A song you have stuck in your head these days:


J: Anthony Hamilton’s “Charlene“.



Your favorite city for music?


J: AMSTERDAM. The city is really inspiring.



Who would the concert of your wildest dreams include?


J: That would be Aaliyah, of course. RIP



If you had a theme song what song would it be?


J: Ghost Town DJ’s  “My Boo“.



What band or artist are you especially excited about right now?


J: I like Ty Dolla $ign. His “Campaign” mixtape contains tracks that inspire me a lot.

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